CoD Warzone 2 stays true to its best mid-season 2 assault rifle – even if the recoil has a catch

cod warzone 2 iso hemlock setup recoil

Call of Duty adjusted some of the weapons in Warzone 2 Mid-Season 2. Initial analyzes show that the weapons have moved closer together again. Despite this, the ISO Hemlock can stay at the top for range. There’s a strong setup here.

The ISO Hemlock assault rifle came into play with the start of Season 2 and immediately convinced with good performance. However, the stable assault rifle flew a bit under the radar – the Shotgun KV Broadsite was the “star” of Season 2, causing terror in close combat.

Now the big performance of the hemlock seems to be imminent, the stage is set, the spectators are seated. If you’re looking for a strong alternative for your range kills, then enjoy the ISO Hemlock show in mid-season.

MeinMMO has looked at the fresh weapon trends of Mid-Season 2 and provides you with a tested setup from YouTuber and Warzone expert “P4wnyhof” (via YouTube).

Here you can find more information about Mid-Season 2 and here the trailer:

CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Mid-Season 2 – Trailer

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CoD Warzone 2: ISO Hemlock – Setup for range

  • Muzzle: FJX Fulcrum Pro
  • Barrel: Fielder-T50
  • Sight: Schlager 3.4x
  • Magazine: 45-round magazine
  • Ammo: 5.56 High Velocity
  • Muzzle: FJX Fulcrum Pro
  • Barrel: Fielder-T50
  • Optics: Schlager 3.4x
  • Magazines: 45 round mag
  • Ammo: 5.56 High Velocity

What defines the ISO hemlock? The Hemlock is a powerful medium to long range assault rifle. The rather low rate of fire of 600 rounds/minute together with the controllable recoil allows precise hits at long ranges.

While visual recoil is noticeable with a 3.4 sight, it’s easily offset by the low rate of fire. However, you will feel the disadvantage of the rate of fire if you miss a shot – then the time-to-kill goes up more.

In addition, the recoil has a “catch” in the truest sense. For the first 15/16 shots, the hemlock hardly has any horizontal recoil, so it only deflects a little upwards. The next balls then drift to the right. However, the vertical recoil is reduced here.

Recoil without manual correction – ISO Hemlock Setup

Try to get used to the behavior or rely on 10-shot bursts. With the bursts of fire, you can completely avoid the hook and start again with the recoil.

How can I tweak the setup? If you’re more likely to play the medium distance or if you’re on Ashika Island a lot, then save yourself the high-speed ammunition and try an underbarrel for even better recoil. This gives a lot of security when firing.

Also try a smaller sight if the visual recoil is too much for you. That can make a big difference.

The ISO Hemlock has fought its way to the top, but Warzone 2 offers many strong options when it comes to assault rifles and range. Especially the LMGs are also strong here.

So always keep your eyes open for alternatives and try them out. We also recommend the Sekin MG38 – click here for the strong setup.

Do you also have any weapon recommendations for Mid-Season 2? Then write a comment on the topic.

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