Diablo 4: You told us your most desired classes – one in particular stands out


The classes that will be playable when Diablo 4 launches have already been determined. Nevertheless, we wanted to know from you which ones you would like to see in the upcoming A-RPG. Here are your answers in a ranking.

Diablo 4 beta testing is just around the corner and release isn’t too far off either. Then the first season of the game begins. So we wanted to fantasize about the future with you and asked you in a survey which class you would like to see in Diablo 4 next.

These are the results: At the time of the evaluation, 4,700 readers took part in the survey. Everyone could only vote once. Here is the vote distribution:

  • 9th place – Warrior: 2.61% (123 votes)
  • 8th place – Magician: 3.91% % (184 votes)
  • 7th place – Assassin: 7.62% (358 votes)
  • 6th place – Demon Hunter: 9.21% (433 votes)
  • 5th place – Amazone: 9.79% (480 votes)
  • 4th place – Crusader: 10.62% (499 votes)

Also, here are your top 3 most wanted classes for Diablo 4.

3rd place: witch doctor

This is the witch doctor: The existence of the witch doctors is a mystery to most residents of Sanctuary. Considered a legend by many, very few members of the secluded Umbaru tribes meet the requirements to attain the rank of witch doctor.

Through long training, the bond with nature and its spirits, a witch doctor can establish a connection to the realm of the dead. Sensitive to the changes taking place there, they hear the howls and laments of souls violently torn from their lives.

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In our poll, you voted this unusual class from Diablo 3 3rd place in the ranking.

2nd place: Monk

Diablo Immortal female monk monk grim title

This is the monk: The Monks of Ivgorod are among the most feared fighters in all of Sanctuary. A monk’s body and mind are steeled over many years through rigorous training and rituals, allowing them to maintain perfect focus in battle.

Only on rare occasions are monks allowed to leave the halls of their monasteries and venture out into the world. Those who do it without permission face the death penalty if they return. However, the chosen few set out on behalf of the patriarchs to use their excellent melee skills to maintain the balance.

In our ranking, you picked the Monk as the 2nd most desired class for Diablo 4.

1st place: Paladin


This is the paladin: For these holy warriors, their faith is both their shield and their sword, with which they slaughter the fairies of the Burning Hells. They consecrate their weapons with their own blood and must live a humble life to resist all temptations.

In addition to physical weapons, paladins are masters of sacred magic, raining down on their enemies. But they are also able to strengthen their body and strength through auras. Most paladin orders have since disbanded. Few of them are left to continue the eternal fight against evil.

With almost 30% of the votes, the Paladin turned out to be the clear favorite of MeinMMO readers and thus occupies first place in our ranking.

If you want to know which Diablo 4 Confirmed Classes are the most popular, take a look here:

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Diablo 4: All classes in the ranking – from unpopular to popular