Dragon Ball, One Piece and more: ProSieben MAXX shows 20 anime films and this is how you can watch them

Son Goku will honor himself on Good Friday.

Son Goku will honor himself on Good Friday.

The TV station ProSieben MAXX provides us with our favorite animes for Easter. As the TV station announced, a total of 20 anime films will be broadcast over two days. In line with this, ProSieben MAXX has published a broadcast schedule that shows the precise course of the anime films.

One Piece and Dragon Ball: This is the schedule

When will the films be shown? ProSieben MAXX will broadcast the films from Friday, the 7th of Apriluntil Saturday, the April 8, 2023, radiate. This is the Easter weekend, so many of you might have time to see all 20 anime films.

The films will not be shown the entire weekend. So there is still time on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday to visit family or play games you left behind.

What is shown? The anime films are exclusively films about Dragon Ball Z and One Piece. All films run uncensored on the screens.

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The broadcast schedule for the Dragon Ball Z movies on April 7, 2023:

  • 09:40 The Garlic Jr’s Death Zone
  • 10:25 The decisive battle
  • 11:35 The strongest on earth
  • 12:35 Super Saiyan Goku
  • 13:35 Revenge for Freeza
  • 14:30 Cooler’s return
  • 15:15 Attack of the cyborgs
  • 16:10 The legendary Super Saiyan
  • 17:25 Super Saiyan Son Gohan
  • 18:25 Broly’s return
  • 19:20 Attack of the bio-fighters
  • 20:15 tba (German premiere)
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The April 8, 2023 One Piece Movie Schedule:

  • 10:05 The movie
  • 11:05 Adventure on the Spiral Island!
  • 12:05 Chopper on the island of strange animals
  • 13:10 The Dead End race
  • 15:00 The Curse of the Holy Sword
  • 16:50 Baron Omatsuri and the Mysterious Island
  • 18:30 Karakuri Castle Metal Soldiers
  • 20:15 Stampede

As you can see, there will be a surprise. The Dragon Ball Z film, which is scheduled to air at 8:15 p.m., is a German TV premiere. But the TV station does not want to reveal which film it will be.

What happens if I don’t have time on the weekend? ProSieben MAXX makes most of the broadcasts available afterwards in its in-house media library. So you can catch up on the films after the weekend.

The campaign is particularly cool because the films are only available on DVD and are not offered by popular streaming providers. So take the chance if you haven’t seen the anime movies yet.

Which movie are you looking forward to the most? What do you think is hiding behind the surprise?