FIFA 23: FUT Ballers starts tomorrow – leaks & information about the new event

FIFA 23: FUT Ballers starts tomorrow – leaks & information about the new event

In FIFA 23, a completely new event starts with FUT Ballers. We summarize the information known so far here.

When does FUT Ballers start? FUT Ballers launches in Ultimate Team on Friday 16th March 2023. Event start is at 7:00 p.m.

The announcement of the event comes as a bit of a surprise. On the one hand, because it is a completely new event for FIFA 23, but also because players had actually expected the FUT Birthday. In FIFA 22, for example, the FUT Birthday was still running in March.

It remains to be seen whether FUT’s traditional birthday event has been canceled, changed or postponed. But one thing is clear: the first content for “FUT Ballers” will be published in FUT on Friday.

A new loading screen can be seen in Ultimate Team:

Leaks & information about FUT Ballers in FIFA 23 – no special cards in packs?

What is FUT Ballers? FUT Ballers is a completely new event that has not existed in previous FIFA offshoots. Accordingly, only very limited conclusions can be drawn about the content of the event so far.

There is also little information about leaks so far, but the leaker “FutSheriff” has already shared a few details that could play a role in the event.

This is what the leak says: FutSheriff, who has often been right about his leaks in the past, reports that “FUT Ballers” appears to be an event for which no special cards will end up in the packs. Instead, the event should revolve around squad building challenges and challenges – i.e. cards that can be earned instead of being pulled from packs or bought on the transfer market.

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In addition, according to the leaker, the event could be based on the “Numbers Up” event from FIFA 22. At that time, cards ended up in the game that got upgrades over the course of the season and also brought a stat of the card to 99. According to the leak, it should also be possible for the “Ballers” to have a stat in the direction of 99.

In addition, the leaker shared some names that could appear in the event as a special card. These include Mason Mount as a possible SBC, and Arnaud Danjuma could also be there (via Twitter).

More detailed information is not yet available for the event. Also consider: The previous details are leaks. How exactly “FUT Ballers” looks like in the end remains to be seen until EA shares official information about the event.

However, it is possible that further information will appear in the loading screen beforehand. FIFA went this way at least for some events in the past. We will keep you up to date at this point.

Last ran the “Fantasy” event in FIFA 23. That also brought an SBC for Dante, who got a pretty crazy Forward card for FIFA 23.