FIFA (working title): Wants to compete with EA Sports with its own game

FIFA (Arbeitstitel) (Sport) von FIFA

After failed license negotiations between EA and the FIFA there will be a new name for EA’s football simulation this year. And the world association? He now has his own plans and wants to compete with the publisher.

This was confirmed by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who was re-elected on Thursday evening. Accordingly, the World Football Association is working on its own video game, which according to Infantino will be “the best e-game for every girl or boy”. But there are no details yet.

FIFA: There should be news soon

According to sports journalist Martyn Ziegler, FIFA wants to compete with EA Sports and apparently upcoming games of the world association will continue the classic name. Infantino speaks explicitly of “FIFA 25, 26, 27 and so on.” According to the Swiss, these should always be the best game for football fans, even if he doesn’t go into further detail.

Nevertheless, there should be news on the subject very soon. They are also important, because there are currently a number of unanswered questions: Who will take over the development? What about the licenses of the individual associations? What year are you planning the first release for? Is FIFA also looking at the NFT market?

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The latter might not be the biggest surprise. After all, FIFA proved at the World Cup last year that they are only too happy to rely on blockchain technology. Four games were announced in view of the World Cup for the World Cupin which the Metaverse already played a part.

What does EA do?

Electronic Arts should certainly monitor FIFA’s actions, but concentrate on their own game for the time being. However, this year it will no longer bear the name of the world association, but instead be called EA Sports FC. Not many more details are known about it so far, but in terms of gameplay, it should probably be a classic sequel despite the name change.

At first glance, not much will change in terms of content either. Although EA is no longer allowed to use the FIFA name and the official World Cup is also taboo, everything else should remain the same. Because the licenses of the various national associations, leagues and players are not controlled by FIFA, but partly by their own organizations. According to their own statements, EA continues to get along well with them.