Fortnite is the perfect game to get your non-gamer friends playing

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Fortnite is a game that is ideal for anyone who wants to start gaming for the first time. Find out here how you can entice your non-gamer acquaintances to gamble with Epic’s successful game.

What actually is Fortnite? For those who don’t know yet: Fortnite has become known as a colorful Battle Royale shooter. The basic game principle is to jump out of a flying party bus over an island, alone or in a team with up to two players, and collect all kinds of weapons and equipment when you reach the ground.

The goal is to kill as many other players and be the last player (or team) left. To keep the game from dragging on forever, the game world periodically shrinks as some sort of electrical storm turns more and more parts of the island into a deadly environment.

So the last fights take place in a very tight environment and are correspondingly wild and dramatic. So far, Fortnite is similar to all other games of this genre. As a special feature, Epic’s successful title still offers fully destructible surroundings, which you can also dismantle with a harvesting tool in regular game mode. The raw materials obtained in this way can then be used for cover and buildings.

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Why is Fortnite the ideal entry-level game?

So much for Fortnite itself. But why is this game so well suited to get non-gamers from your social circle to gamble? The following paragraphs explain it to you.

Here you can download Fortnite for free.

It costs nothing

Gaming can become an expensive hobby when you have to buy expensive full-price titles. That puts off many non-gamers. But at Fortnite you can confidently wipe the question “But I really don’t want to spend any money on it now”.

Because Fortnite is a Free2Play game that lets you enjoy all game content completely free of charge. And don’t worry, you can also easily answer the probably following question “But there are surely some hidden costs that rip me off”.

Skins are cool but optional.

Because Fortnite makes its money through microtransactions, cosmetic content and the Premium Battle Pass. However, neither is necessary in any way to have fun in the game. It’s just digital outfits that you can play with as another character. If you don’t buy so-called skins, the game will give you a random default character each round.

Other skins don’t bring any gameplay advantages, it’s just for the fun of running around as characters like Geralt of Rivia or Darth Vader. If you just want to play a few rounds and test the game, you don’t have to pay anything and if you don’t want to spend anything later, then that’s completely ok and you can play Fortnite as long and as often as you want.

It’s colorful and harmless

Fortnite is primarily a shooter and in this genre many non-gamers often have prejudices because of the depiction of violence. But don’t worry, Fortnite is not a dark game in which soldiers shoot each other bloodily to pieces. Rather, Fortnite plays in a colorful fantasy world in which characters from all kinds of famous franchises cavort.


All the banging comes without blood and other depictions of violence. Anyone who is shot down does not even die, but is beamed off the field. So there are no corpses or anything like that. Fortnite is more like a fun game of paintball than a brutal military conflict.

So if you’re basically interested in funny shooting, but don’t feel like violence, blood and murder, you can access Fortnite with a clear conscience and have fun.

It’s intuitive to play

Many a game requires some skill and practice to gamble properly. And then there are various complicated game mechanisms that quickly overwhelm newcomers. For example, if you find a weapon in a game but have no idea whether it’s good or not and how best to upgrade it with accessories.

Fortnite, on the other hand, uses a catchy system that divides weapons into rarity levels. Gray weapons are the worst, purple and gold are the best. The presentation of these rarities alone intuitively shows the player which gun is better.

Brutal Bastion

In addition, there are no upgrades that make a supposedly useless gun really good. In Fortnite you can simply grab a gun and start shooting intuitively.

Just building – the ability to build cover and true fortresses anywhere in the game world – could overwhelm many newcomers. Fortunately, since the summer of 2022, there has been the option of playing Fortnite in a special “zero construction mode”. It’s all about your skill as a shooter and not about quickly pounding impressive bulwarks out of the ground.

It combines several genres and games

The origin of Fortnite was the Battle Royale mode mentioned at the beginning. But now there are other game modes and completely separate games within Fortnite. If you don’t feel like Battle Royale, you can let off steam in arena matches, where two small teams fight against each other. On the other hand, if you prefer it really massive, you can register for the group wedges. There, teams of 50 players each fight an epic battle.

Fortnite Zombie Horde Town
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But there are also other game modes that have nothing to do with the original game. For example, you can just hang out in the game world and meet friends virtually. Or you can check the list of custom game modes. There have resourceful players using the creative functions create your own worlds in the game, some of which simulate completely different games.

For example, there are racetracks, brawl arenas, puzzle games, cozy mountain huts for Christmas and escape rooms from which you have to escape within a certain time. So if you don’t feel like shooter action, you will surely find a game that you like in this diverse pool.

Here you can download Fortnite for free.

So much for the arguments that speak for Fortnite as the ideal entry-level game for future players. And indeed it works, because there are various cases in which Fortnite fans have been able to get their grandparents enthusiastic about gaming: grandpa has over 600 wins, grandson designs skins for him and the community loves it

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