Gamer buys RAM on Amazon, accidentally receives a box of 10 pieces

Gamer buys RAM on Amazon, accidentally receives a box of 10 pieces

A gamer had bought an upgrade for his gaming PC. But Amazon sends him way too much. Some consider him lucky, others warn of possible problems.

We had already reported on MeinMMO that people were getting too many goods from Amazon. For example, a gamer received 10 SSDs instead of just one, which was also an accident.

Now a user on reddit posted a picture of him holding a whole box of RAM instead of the 2 bars he officially ordered.

In the comments on reddit, the incident is discussed lively and amused. But we at MeinMMO want to address the question: How do you behave correctly in such a situation?

Too much working memory supplied does not belong to the “buyer” at all

Can I just keep the goods? No, because you don’t own the over-delivered RAM (or double processor or whatever you got over-paid). After all, you have only concluded a purchase contract with Amazon for a certain quantity.

The well-known lawyer Christian Solmecke had explained that trouble could quickly arise. So he says (via

If the seller has mistakenly delivered too much, you are obliged to inform him. Otherwise you could get into legal trouble.

If it is an error, you must proceed as described above. If you sell, give away or dispose of the item, the entrepreneur can claim damages.

Do I have to go straight to the post office now? No, none of you should expect to run straight to the post office and refund over-received goods. First, contact the seller and set a deadline for the return.

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They can then either pick up the goods themselves or provide you with a shipping label. Because you don’t have to send anything back at your own expense. After all, it’s the seller’s fault, not yours.

Especially with bulky products, such as a mattress, you should rely on collection. After all, the seller can’t expect you to haul a large mattress halfway across the village.

In any case, it is important that you do not end up paying for the return shipment or being left with the costs. Incidentally, this is regulated in BGB§ 241a (3) (via The seller cannot ask for money for over-delivered goods because you have not concluded a sales contract for them. So don’t let yourself be pressured into anything if the seller threatens you with additional payments.

Sellers almost always notice that goods are missing

Are sellers behind it? The argument of such “lucky ones” to do nothing and keep the goods quiet is often that nobody would know anyway that too much was delivered. So why report goods that nobody knows about anyway?

Sellers or service providers often protect themselves against such errors. Parcels are weighed, for example, and it can already be noticed here that the parcel sent is too heavy. Or sooner or later the error will be noticed in the booking system. Expensive models in particular are often secured.

So don’t rely too much on your “luck” here and don’t enjoy hardware that doesn’t even belong to you for too long.

We at MeinMMO are an editorial team specializing in gaming and do not have the legal expertise. If you want to find out more about legal issues, it is best to ask a lawyer or look at the Federal Ministry of Justice over.

Problems with returns: Sellers like Amazon are not always accommodating or helpful with returns. This is shown, for example, in the story of a father. Because he had received the wrong GPU on Amazon, but the seller had refused a refund:

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Gamer buys graphics card on Amazon, gets fake product – dealer refuses refund until the “correct” item is returned