Geforce update: Diablo 4 with DLSS 3, new game bundle for RTX 40 cards

Redfall becomes a new game bundle

Nvidia has news on its own behalf in the run-up to the GDC and GTC. There is an expanded game list and new developer plugins for DLSS version 3. There is also a new RTX 40 bundle with Redfall from Bethesda.

DLSS 3 news

Nvidia announces that Unreal Engine 5.2, which has yet to be announced in detail, will integrate DLSS in the form of a DLSS frame generation plugin to make it easier for developers to adopt the technology. Nvidia wants to herald the “Neural Graphics” PC gaming revolution with DLSS 3 at GDC 2023.

In the future, Diablo 4 will also end up on the list of well-known games, alongside Deceive Inc., Forza Horizon 5 (updated on March 28th), Gripper, Redfall, Smalland: Survive the Wilds and The Finals. Diablo 4 in particular is exciting: We don’t believe that the beta starting on Friday will come with DLSS 3, but it could well be that the frame generation for the release on 6.6. ready. After all, there is already a video and also a comment from Michael Bukowski, Diablo 4 Technical Director at Blizzard. He says, “Supporting smooth gameplay in Diablo 4 is a priority for Blizzard. We’re excited about the high frame rate of Diablo 4 running on the Geforce RTX 40 series with DLSS 3.”

As a reminder: The system requirements for Diablo 4 published so far do not allow the conclusion that DLSS 2 or even 3 is really needed here. However, the previous requirements are capped at 1080p, 60 fps and medium details. With Ultra HD and high to very high details, more is needed than a GTX 970 or RX 470. Raytracing will also be added at some point after the release.

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Redfall as a new game bundle

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Redfall becomes a new game bundle
Source: Nvidia

Furthermore, Nvidia announces a new game bundle for the three cards of the RTX 40 series, 4070 Ti, 4080 and 4090 (including desktop PCs and notebooks). Redfall is coming on 2.5. from Bethesda and should offer DLSS 3 and Reflex at launch. Ray tracing effects will come as a patch after release. The normal version of Redfall is not bundled, but the 99 euro version Redfall Bite Back Edition with the game, the Redfall Hero Pass featuring two future heroes, the Laser Beam Multi-Weapon Skin, the Tactical Knife Stake Weapon Attachment, the Northern Expedition Devinder Outfit, the Eyes in the Dark Jacob Outfit, the War Clothes Layla Outfit, and the Engineer Volunteer Remi outfit.

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