German Twitch streamer talks about the consequences of OnlyFans: “The problem is the man”

German Twitch streamer talks about the consequences of OnlyFans: "The problem is the man"

The Austrian by choice “Staiy” (36) is a successful opinion streamer on Twitch. In a current stream, he spoke about the OnlyFans payment platform and the problems it causes.

Caution: The topics discussed in this article may make some readers uncomfortable. Among other things, it is about sex work and prostitution.

What is OnlyFans actually? At its core, OnlyFans is a social network. Users can create a profile and fill it with information, photos and videos as they wish. The highlight is that the content can be monetized.

The “fans” then have to pay to see the recordings. For additional money, they can also send the performers private messages and request additional content. This makes OnlyFans a popular website for offering erotic and pornographic content.

There is an interesting interface between the Twitch and OnlyFans platforms: streamers like Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa use the streaming platform to convert viewers into paying customers.

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Others also use Twitch for completely different purposes. The German twitch streamer Sandra Friedrichs, for example, would like to use her platform to help address mental health in the gaming sector. Watch our interview with the streamer here:

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Does OnlyFans contribute to the sexualization of female streamers?

How did Staiy come up with the topic? The Twitch streamer expresses his concerns about the payment platform in a short segment of a longer stream. In the end, Staiy starts provocatively, the problem is the man. However, he asks his viewers to let him finish first.

What is the problem? Staiy emphasizes that women are free to present themselves scantily clad, so nobody should interfere. However, problems arise from the fact that the consumers of this content create expectations:

What are the consequences? Some consumers would then assume that all women in an area – such as streaming – tick like this. As a result, streamers would often receive questions in their chats as to whether they offer OnlyFans where you can find erotic content from them – even if they don’t present themselves as sexualized at all.

For Staiy, the question about OnlyFans corresponds to a more or less indirect question about nude pictures, which is borderline and probably has less to do with feminism and self-determination.

[Die Zielgruppe] is not interested in perceiving people as people, only as carnal objects of pleasure.

Questions about OnlyFans or direct requests for naked pictures are shockingly normal, according to the Twitch streamer. But he also admits that, as a man, he tends to have an outsider’s perspective on the subject: the streamers and YouTubers affected would have to deal with it.

As an example, he cites the video of the successful YouTuber Gnu:

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Staiy: ‘OnlyFans normalized sex work’

Are there any other problems? Staiy not only criticizes the more indirect effects of platforms like OnlyFans. In his opinion, OnlyFans have managed to normalize sex work and to sell it as “female empowerment”, almost as women’s power.

[OnlyFans] has managed to normalize sex work, even though in its reality sex work is linked to human trafficking, slavery, crime, violence and much worse things. Only Fans gives the impression that sex work is perfectly normal: “You go, girl” [zu Deutsch etwa: “Weiter so, Mädchen!”].

According to Staiy, platforms like OnlyFans have contributed to making the former taboo topic of prostitution more or less socially acceptable. But while the models on OnlyFans are quite protected, things are often different in the “real world”. The sometimes terrible circumstances would be put into perspective.

I have to say that this is an effect that is so ridiculous: people are sitting in their “safe space” around the Internet, in which they can create controlled framework conditions for themselves, what they show and what they don’t show. And thus put the criminal circumstances and the absolute absurdity and the disgusting appearance around Sex Work into perspective, yes, good job.

sex work is a collective term for sexual services. In addition to sexual intercourse for payment, this can also include striptease, porn, telephone sex hotlines and the sale of explicit recordings on platforms such as OnlyFans.
Sex workers are often satisfied with their work, sometimes even feeling that it is an important part of their sexual self-determination.
However, such services are not always provided voluntarily: they can be due to hardship, coercion and even human trafficking. Time has the complex subject in one Article picked up.

Check out the full video on Staiy’s YouTube channel, we’ve got you covered here linked. The relevant part starts around minute 7.

The OnlyFans platform exerts a certain fascination, especially because some women make an incredible amount of money with it. A German YouTuber therefore dared an experiment and accompanied a Twitch streamer in his OnlyFans attempt:

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