GTA Online brings “Last Dose” update today: contents, time and patch notes

GTA Online brings "Last Dose" update today: contents, time and patch notes

The new update for GTA Online, “Los Santos Drug Wars: Last Dose”, has its release today. We will show you the content, the time and details such as download size for the patch as soon as they are known.

What is this update? With “Last Dose” the second part of the DLC about the Los Santos Drug Wars appears today. Rockstar Games published the first part in December 2022. The contents of The First Dose.

Here we show you in an overview what the second part of the update brings for you and what you need to know about the release.

Time and contents of Last Dose

When will the update appear? Rockstar Games does not yet have an exact release time. If we orient ourselves on the releases of the last updates, then it stands to reason that the release time could be noon.

Between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. the update should be released today, March 16th. Gradually, the download will then be activated for the various platforms on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

We will update this article for you with the time and update size as soon as we know the information.

GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose – Trailer

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What content does the update bring?

That is known: In a blog post, Rockstar Games already gave some details about the content that the update brings today. One thing is clear: the drug issue will remain.

The story awaits you with “hallucinations, kidnappings and revenge”. Five new story missions explore the connection between the illegal drug trade in Los Santos and the pharmaceutical industry. And the return of which story character fits in perfectly? Exactly, that of Dr. Isiah Friedlander, the psychotherapist of Michael and his family.

We assume that: As usual with these DLCs from Rockstar Games, a few new vehicles should also find their way into the game. Some right at the start, others over the next few weeks.

There should also be clothes and a few bonuses for you.

Are you enjoying these story updates for GTA Online or do you prefer bigger patches with new heists?

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