GTA Online now has 2 new cars – one is a limited time purchase and one is free

GTA Online Ocelot Virtue

Here we show you the two new vehicles from the “Last Dose” update for GTA Online. You can only buy one of these for a short time.

What are these cars? With every GTA Online DLC release comes a batch of new cars. Some appear right after the release, others then spread over the next few weeks.

One of the new cars from the Last Dose DLC is the Willard Eudora. This is a muscle car that will obviously be a rarity. The business model of making certain vehicles available for purchase for a short time was recently launched by Rockstar Games in GTA Online. You unlock the second car via missions.

In the overview we show you the new cars, their prices and pictures.

Unlock Ocelot Virtue for free

What car is that? The Virtue is a new, nimble supercar that you can buy from Legendary Motorsport. It is an electric car. If you don’t want to buy the car, you can also unlock the car via missions.

GTA+ players can purchase the Virtue directly from Legendary Motorsport.

How to unlock the car: Completing all of the new missions from The Last Dose will reward you with the personal Virtue of Dr. Friedlander as a gift. As an additional reward for completing the missions, there is the “FriedMind” theme and you unlock the trade price for the car.

You can equip the Virtue with Imani-Tech in your agency’s auto repair shop.

Willard Eudora

What car is that? The Eudora is a muscle car that clearly sets itself apart visually from the other representatives of the category. Not only the look makes the car something special. Then the car is only for sale until March 29th. You can find her at San Andreas Super Autos and in the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom.

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After March 29th, the cart will disappear from the market and it is unclear when and how the Eudora will be available again. So you might bring a rare treasure to your garage with the car.

GTA Online Willard Eudora

How much is it? The Eudora retails for GTA$1,250,000 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

How do you like the new cars from the Last Dose update? Are you going to hit the Eudora because you give in to your “fomo” and it becomes unavailable, or don’t you care about such cars?

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