GTA Online: The Last Dose DLC out today, that’s in it

GTA Online bekommt mit The Last Dose den zweiten DLC-Teil von Los Santos Drug Wars.

GTA Online gets a new DLC today: The second part of the “Los Santos Drug Wars” is called “The Last Dose” and continues the story from the first part directly. It continues seamlessly with new story missions, but of course there is also new content such as additional cars.

GTA Online DLC The Last Dose introduces new story missions and more

That’s what it’s about: Not so long ago, the first part of the Los Santos Drug Wars updates published. That already introduced new story missions and a whole new enterprise. You build your own drug empire and even have a mobile laboratory.

Here you see it Trailer for The Last Dose:

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Now it goes on: From today, the March 16th the second part of this update is now available. He answers the name The Last Dose and expands GTA Online again mainly a few more story missions.

They are, of course, again connected to the drug trade. you get it dealing with the competition againwho fights back after you’ve given her a hard time in the first part.

These five missions are new now:

  • Intervention: Actually just the annual meeting of foolishness, but something always has to go wrong.
  • Unusual suspects: Your response to the attack is mostly intimidation, but information is also involved.
  • FriedMind: FriedMind Pharmaceuticals headquarters is raided and missing gang members are rescued.
  • Compulsory instruction: In the rehab you have to protect Dax and Luchadora – and at the same time put the resistance out of action.
  • BDKD: Now it’s time to secure the last supplies of the competition. Watch Dax’s back!
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dr Friedlander from the GTA 5 story returns:

You got it right. The one known from the story mode of “GTA 5”. dr Friedlander is still alive. At least he’s making a big comeback in the GTA Online DLC The Last Dose.

Of course he’s up to no good. Quite the contrary: he is now going into the drug business himself (after all, he knows his way around) and stands at the helm of FriedMind Pharmaceuticals.

There are also two new cars in The Last Dose update:

There should be something for every fan. You even get the Ocelot Virtue free if you successfully complete the five story missions.

  • Ocelot Virtue: The electric super sports car is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely fast.
  • Willard Eudora: This classic muscle car is only available until March 29th!

Of course, the “The Last Dose” update also offers a lot of bells and whistles like new clothes. You will also receive throughout the week double GTA$ and RPwhen you do Fooligan jobs.

How do you like The Last Dose? Are you hoping for more GTA Online updates or do you think that will be it soon?