Haikyu!! – ProSieben MAXX brings season 4 to German television

Haikyu!!  - ProSieben MAXX brings season 4 to German television

Hinata and Kageyama head back onto the volleyball court. As ProSieben MAXX announces, the TV station will soon be showing the fourth season of Haikyu!! for the first time on German free TV.

When does Haikyuu start!! Season 4? “Haikyuu!!” from April 19, 2023 at 18:30 p.m ProSieben MAXX be visible. Thus, the anime comes between Fairy Tail and Detective Conan.

The broadcast date applies only Monday to Friday, the anime is on hiatus this weekend. If you can’t watch at the time, you can watch the episodes online ProSiebenmaxx.de or on Joyn catch up.

Haikyu!! – ProSieben MAXX shows season 4

ProSieben MAXX becomes a total 25 episodes show. This is the complete fourth season of the anime, which is completely in German language will be set to music.

In addition to Season 4, which also includes Haikyuu!! To The Top” means, shows the television station five OVAs. These are additional Bonus Episodes, where fans can learn more about the backstory. They are actually not produced for television, but for DVD, Blu-ray or streaming.

© H. Furudate / Shueisha, HAIKYU!! Project, MBS

The TV station starts with two OVAs from Season 4, which play before the first episode. The appropriate OVAs for the first, second and third seasons are then shown.

By the way: The complete series including all four seasons is currently available at Crunchy roll, Netflix and Amazon Prime to see.

Season 4 separates the Karasuno duo

What is season 4 about? kageyama was invited to attend Japan Volleyball Youth Training Camp. Unfortunately, his teammate Hinata didn’t make it place in the camp to get hold of.

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But Hinata doesn’t give up and sneaks in another training camp. However, he is not used as a volleyball player, but as a ball boy. This is where his teammate Tsukishima trains.

Through his activities as a ball boy, Hinata learns the movements and tactics of the talented youngsters. In the first tryouts is to see what Hinata and Kageyama learned during their camp time.