HBO’s The Last Of Us Will Not Make The Big Game Of Thrones Mistake According To Neil Druckmann

HBO's The Last Of Us Won't Make The Big Game Of Thrones Mistake According To Neil Druckmann, GamersRD

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest television series of all time. The franchise continues to grow with the second season of its prequel House of Dragon.

Neil Druckmann, explained that the HBO series is only signed on to cover the first two games and that was by design via deserted.

The deal we have only goes up to the second game.Druckmann explained. “That’s all. I wanted things to be this way on purpose because I didn’t want to end up in a Game of Thrones situation where you’re now forced to do something you’re not comfortable with.”.

There’s no word on how much The Last of Us will cover with Part II. Some believe that it will take at least two seasons to cover its story. “We’re talking years from now, and who knows where my mind will be or where Naughty Dog’s mind will be, or [la de Craig Mazin]Druckmann continued. “So I definitely can’t answer, but right now there are no plans to do anything beyond porting the games.”.

In a nutshell this means that The Last of Us Part III it could be in development albeit without a release window and without any kind of reveal, but something must happen at any moment. Leave us your comment.

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