High-end laptop with RTX 4090? Schenker presents its KEY 17 Pro

High-end laptop with RTX 4090?  Schenker presents its KEY 17 Pro

Schenker shows their new KEY 17 Pro, a gaming laptop that packs a lot of power under the case. With an i9 processor and an RTX 4090, the new triple-A games better wrap up warm.

A little powerhouse

A particularly powerful laptop from Schenker will be released this year. The manufacturer describes the KEY 17 Pro as a workstation with “upper class performance”. With an RTX 4090 and i9 processor you can say such words.

In general, the KEY 17 Pro is customizable and can be delivered with either the RTX 4090 or 4080. The i9-13900HX is on board in every configuration. The 4K or WQHD display with IPS panel offers 99 percent sRGB and DCI-P3 coverage, 144 Hz and G-Sync support, and up to three SSDs can be installed.

The Schenker KEY 17 Pro is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and doesn’t show off its power.

With this equipment, the laptop is not only suitable for gaming, but also for professional creative work, real-time rendering, 3D applications and virtual reality.

Such a powerful device must also be cooled accordingly. Schenker has taken care of this with a massive composite cooling system with a large copper insert for the heat spreader. The GPU can also run at a full 175 watts without smoking in the 3.4-kilogram aluminum laptop case.

Where modern high-performance laptops are, Thunderbolt 4 ports are not far away. The KEY 17 Pro has two of these. Also included are HDMI and DisplayPort 1.4 connections, Wi-Fi 6E, 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB-A slots and headphone connections. With DDR5 memory you can select up to 64 RAM.

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The laptop is priced between 3,399 euros and almost 4,300 euros. But then you also have the full package at the start. A 4K display costs you an additional 248 euros and you pack the RTX 4090 for 637 euros on top of that.