Hogwarts Legacy: Catching Shiny Beasts – Here’s how

Hogwarts Legacy: Catching Shiny Beasts - Here's how

Beasts play in Hogwarts legacy an important role: whoever catches them can do them keep in the vivarium and get valuable resources from them. However, if you take a close look around the Harry Potter school of magic when hunting for animal creatures, you will have already noticed that some animal creatures look different from their direct relatives.

Because similar to “Pokémon GO”, there are also special variants of the animals that can be caught in “Hogwarts Legacy”, which the community likes to call Shiny or albino beasts be designated. In our guide, we explain to you what these shiny beasts are all about and how you can get them.

Shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacy: Visually different, otherwise identical

What are shiny beasts? Everywhere in the Hogwarts Legacy game world there are different animal creatures, you will find one low probability also the respective Shiny variant. You then recognize these special animal beings from the other, mostly lighter or white coat color and a star next to her name.

You can even find the venerable Graphon in Hogwarts Legacy as a shiny variant. ©Warner Bros./Playcentral

Apart from the different optics, however, there are shiny animal creatures no special features. They don’t give you any more resources, nor can you sell them for more money than normal Hogsmeade beasts.

Catch and breed shiny beasts

How do I catch shiny beasts? If you want to go on a search for shiny beasts, you have to consider one thing above all: whether you encounter a shiny is purely coincidental.

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Shiny beasts are a different color from their common kin. ©Warner Bros.

How high the probability is that an animal appears as a shiny version is unknown. However there is a trickwith which you can make it easier for yourself:

  1. Go to that construction of the beastwhich you want to catch as Shiny (the locations are marked with a paw icon on the map).
  2. Catch some beastswhich you will find there and then open the world map, which you use to change the time of day.
  3. saves save your save and then load it again immediately.
  4. The game will then load new beasts into the burrow because you’ve already caught some. Now you have another chance to meet a Shiny.
  5. Repeated these steps until you find a Shiny.

If you have discovered a Shiny, you should make yourself invisible and then sneak up on the beast. Works now Leviosoto it to immobilize. Now you can catch it using the Nab Sack. But note: You must have the associated Press the action button more often on shinys than normal animals. If you are not fast enough, the Shiny may run away.

You can find (shiny) beasts at locations marked with a paw print on the map. ©Warner Bros./Playcentral

The following Shiny beasts you can catch in “Hogwarts Legacy”:

  • Shiny Fwuuper (Color: Light Pink)
  • Shiny Jobberknoll (Color: Light Gray)
  • Shiny Moon Calf (Color: White)
  • Shiny Thestral (color: light silver/purple)
  • Shiny Unicorn (Color: Gold)
  • Shiny Cuddly Muff (Color: Gold)
  • Shiny Giant Purple Toad (Color: Light Pink/Gray)
  • Shiny Diricawl (Color: White-grey)
  • Shiny Kniesel (color: brown-gold)
  • Shiny Niffler (Color: Light Gray)
  • Shiny Graphorn (Color: Light Gray)

The Phoenix is the only animal in “Hogwarts Legacy” from which it no shiny version gives.

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How does breeding with shiny beasts work? You can with shiny beasts breed normally. The following applies: The more shinys are involved in breeding, the higher the probability that the offspring will also be a shiny.

Bring two shinys with high probability again a Shiny appears, but a normal and a shiny animal can also produce a shiny. Even with two normal animals it can happen that you get a shiny.