Hogwarts Legacy: Does the platinum trophy border on magic?

Hogwarts Legacy: Houses Quest

Who all the magic of Hogwarts legacy fully exhaust will spend many hours in the open world. A fact that doesn’t exactly make it easy for trophy hunters to covet get the platinum trophy.

Entire 46 achievements has to be unlocked in the action role-playing game. That doesn’t sound like much at first, but at second glance it is associated with a number of circumstances. Hogwarts Legacy wants to be explored and that is exactly what is reflected in the trophies.

You can brag about this trophy

Similar to the saying “Rome was not built within one day either”will affect you a lot Sit meat demandedto earn the Ultimate Platinum Trophy. If you want to know the digital achievement in your possession, you have to have the title play more than once.

reason are 4 bronze awardswhich you only get if you choose the right one House belongs. So you should at least Create 4 scoresto get each of them. But don’t worry: you don’t have to play through the entire story every time.

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Which achievements are they exactly?

You will receive these achievements as soon as you complete the main quest – to be more precise Jackdaw’s final resting place – the card chamber unlocks. The highlight here is that this mission is preceded by the exclusive house quest. So it is logical that there is a separate trophy for each of the 4 houses:

  • Cheers to Toast (Slytherin)
  • At Auror School (Hufflepuff)
  • A Gryffindor among graves (Gryffindor)
  • The White Owl (Ravenclaw)
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So if you’re lusting after the platinum award, you may very well 12 extra hours of play to add. To explain: it took us about 3 hours to progress in the story until we got the exclusive house quests could start. We skipped the dialogues.

Hogwarts Legacy is not a speedrun title

Depending on your playstyle, you can add another hour for the main quest for Jackdaw. It seems annoying that same action more times to go through but alone for them different side strands is it worth. This is the only way to really take everything the game offers you with you.

But besides the 4 exclusive achievements you have to do otherwise properly. The open world is filled with collectibles (603 in total!) and relationship stories that all found and completed want to be. Only then will you receive the longed-for award and be entitled to use it as a true wizards and witches describe.