In a viral video, a YouTuber assaults a Twitch streamer for 15 minutes and pulls out a gun

In a viral video, a YouTuber assaults a Twitch streamer for 15 minutes and pulls out a gun

Twitch streamer Nico “Sneako” De Balinthazy (24) teased streamer and YouTuber Charlie “Critikal” White (28) for months. Now he got an answer and he probably wishes he hadn’t said anything.

How did this even come about? The dispute between the two streamers Charlie “Critikal” White and Nico “Sneako” De Balinthazy began in November 2022. As Critikal explains, Sneako spoke abusively about him and his girlfriend.

He then published a video why he didn’t respect the streamer. Among other things, Sneako defended the controversial film “Cuties”, which was heavily criticized for the sexualized portrayal of the young actresses.

With his criticism, he seems to have hit a sore spot with the 24-year-old. The day after the video was released, Sneako appeared on the stream dancing and cradling a cigar while waving a gun. Superimposed on the right were the faces of the people Sneako felt offended by.

Sneako waves a gun at the stream

There were no major incidents for some time after the stream, but Critikal points out that the younger streamer kept tweeting digs at him. But he largely ignored that.

Sneako provoked for months

How did it escalate? On March 12, 2023, Sneako posted the collage with his critics on Twitter, writing that they wanted to “cancel” it. Critikal responded with a series of tweets expertly dissecting the opponent:

You literally have a collage of people who have hurt your feelings online. You haven’t stopped whining at me for months. Even if you beat me in a fight, it doesn’t change the truth.

via Twitter

The tweets received between 9.6 and 26.9 million views, but that wasn’t enough for Critikal. Additionally, on March 15, he posted a YouTube video of himself talking Sneako through the floor for 15 minutes.

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The video went viral and trended the hashtag #Sneako Twitter. Numerous users share quotes and clips of their favorite moments. Many viewers were particularly taken with a passage in which Critikal pulls out an assault rifle and instructs Sneako on the correct terminology.

Critikal puts streamers in their place

What is this snippet? In the clip, Critikal refers to the stream where Sneako threatened him with a gun. In his stream, the 24-year-old spoke of Critikal being able to look at his “clips” – a reference to his firearm’s ammunition and the term “clips” for excerpts from streams.

The 28-year-old YouTuber is apparently also a gun nut. In the video, he not only pulls out a handgun himself, but also an assault rifle and also teaches Sneako: They would be loaded with a magazine, not with clips.

You can watch the whole video here:

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In addition, Critikal gives his opponent a clear message: “I’m not canceling you, I’m insulting you. I’m making fun of you.”

It remains to be seen if Sneako will take on Critikal again after this thorough humiliation.

Critikal is known for its rough nature and rarely minces words. A music video he released eventually turned out to be too much for a major collaborator:

Twitch streamer says he received panicked message from giant company – collaboration ended

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