In Pokémon GO, the GO Plus is considered weak, but now gives trainers a crazy catch

In Pokémon GO, the GO Plus is considered weak, but now gives trainers a crazy catch

In Pokémon GO, a trainer made a crazy catch with the help of a GO Plus. We have summarized for you here on MeinMMO which monster he was able to get hold of and why the catch is so special.

What is the GO Plus? The GO Plus is a special catch gadget. Some trainers use it when they’re not on their phone to catch Pokémon or spin at Pokéstops on the go.

In addition, the gadget vibrates when an interaction in the game is possible and the player can trigger it by briefly pressing a button. It only has one try and on top of that it doesn’t use any berries and only the normal Pokéballs. So it is comparatively weak and primarily serves as a supplement to normal games.

But such a device has given a trainer a very special catch. We show you which monster it is and what the community thinks about it.

Here we show you how the autocatch works in Pokémon GO Plus.

Coach is speechless from catching his GO Plus

what was caught As the reddit user cpgxrcia explains in his post, he was traveling with his GO Plus. And it was precisely this catching gadget that gave him a very special catch: Galarian Zapdos. As he writes (via “I am absolutely speechless, my GO Plus caught a Galarian Zapdos!?!!!!” and posts a picture of his yield.

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A trainer supposedly knows a trick how to secure the Galar birds more easily.

Why is the catch so special? It’s understandable that cpgxrcia was speechless when he saw his captured Pokémon when he discovered Galar Zapdos. The legendary bird is one of the spawns of the daily adventure smoke along with Galar Lavados and Galar Arktos.

This special smoke has been around since July 2022 and will give you special spawns for 15 minutes if you move. One of the highlights are the possible encounters with the legendary Galar birds, which are relatively rare. But even if you have finally found them, they are by no means safe for you.

In most cases you only have one try to catch the monsters, otherwise they will flee. For this reason, it is clear to most coaches that this requires a golden raspberry, a hyperball and a fabulous curveball throw, as well as a great deal of luck. Because even under the best conditions, they can still escape.

It is all the more special that the GO Plus managed to catch such a bird with just a simple Poké Ball and without using a berry.

Would you actually cheat if you couldn’t be caught doing it? Please vote in our poll:

“You used up your luck for the next 5 years”

In the community, the trainers are surprised by the catch and are sometimes a bit jealous, but don’t begrudge cpgxrcia its yield. So some of them hope to finally secure the coveted Galar bird themselves, but have had little success so far.

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So you can hardly believe that the GO Plus caught it with a normal Pokéball and you are sure that cpgxrcia must have exhausted its luck for quite a while. You can read the following in the comments (via

  • JesusGodNathan: “With a Pokeball? This is my dream. Congratulations.”
  • vishalb777: “The probability of that happening is incredibly low. Congratulations, you’ve used up your luck for the next 5 years.”
  • thatswhatmyfoodeats: “Congratulations to the AI ​​for catching this.”
  • GawdDamSuperman: “Look, I say that with all due respect, and I mean ALL due respect, but I hate you. I had 11 attempts and they all escaped.”

Are the legendary Galar birds really that rare?

How rare the legendary birds actually are was also shown in our community survey from December 2022. In this we wanted to know from you how many Galar birds you have already collected. More than 7,800 readers took part in this survey (as of March 16, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. local time).

61% (4,772 votes), which is the majority of participants, stated that they had not been able to catch any of the birds. Another 1,622 Trainers (21%) had not even seen one of these legendary monsters at the time of voting. Nevertheless, some players were lucky, because 3% (228 votes) were able to get two of the birds, 98 players (1%) even all three. The remaining 15% (1,158 votes) managed to catch at least one of the monsters.

Are you one of the lucky ones who have already secured one of the Galar birds? And was it maybe even caught with the help of your GO Plus? Or are you more interested in other monsters in the game? Let us know here on MeinMMO and talk to other trainers about it.

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In a few months you can also expect a new catch gadget for Pokémon GO. We explain why trainers are jumping on the new GO Plus +.