Lexmark: Security update locks out third-party ink

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After HP, Lexmark can make long faces with a printer update. An important security update also blocks ink from other manufacturers.


Lexmark advises that recent updates may make changes to settings.
Lexmark advises that recent updates may make changes to settings.
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Just a few days ago, HP caused a stir with an update that usually excludes cheaper ink cartridges from third-party manufacturers. Now Lexmark follows, as a report by druckerchannel.de documented. The US manufacturer plugs four security gaps in a current firmware update for some printer models. Security comes at a price: third-party ink is no longer supported.

The said security update is actually strongly recommended. Among other things, Lexmark is reacting to a vulnerability that became known in January and which attackers can use to inject and execute malicious code. Another vulnerability in the input check can be used to gain higher rights and the device can be compromised. Other vulnerabilities affect the printer web server and the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) function.

Owners of current Lexmark devices are safe if the firmware corresponds to the version pattern xxxxx.081.233. Older devices should work with the following versions:

  • LW80.xxx.P234
  • LHS60.xxx.P760
  • LR.xxx.P837
  • LR.xxx.P838

In the release notes for the patch or already in the download note, however, there is the following addition: “Firmware updates may modify printer settings and cause counterfeit and/or unauthorized products, supplies, parts, materials (such as toners and inks), software, or interfaces to stop working.”

As with the HP update that blocks third-party ink, users will have to think a little longer about what is the best way for them and decide between support, security and low running costs.

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