Microsoft: The internet is laughing at all the call-of-duty deals

Microsoft: The internet is laughing at all the call-of-duty deals

Microsoft is still trying to finalize its planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The rival console manufacturer Sony stands in their way as their biggest opponent. These mostly focus on the quite popular Call of Duty franchise, which would give Microsoft too powerful a position in the gaming market. However, Microsoft itself is said to be not particularly interested in the shooter, with the company claiming that Call of Duty is nothing special and has repeatedly emphasized that they will continue to release the series for other platforms in the future.

Ten years of Call of Duty for everyone!

To lend weight to their words, Microsoft signed a ten-year partnership with Nintendo and Nvidia, among others, which guarantees new Call of Duty titles for their platforms. But that’s not all, because just yesterday Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced another partnership. This time with Ubitus, best known for their work on the cloud versions of Nintendo Switch games. Ubitus will also have access to all Xbox and Activision Blizzard games for the next ten years. This news came just a day after a similar deal with the Ukrainian cloud service Boosteroid was completed.

Nintendo and Nvidia are of course much bigger names than Ubitus, which is why some users on social media are now poking fun at the fact that Microsoft is likely to offer each company a ten-year partnership. From things like Texas Instruments that to bring Call of Duty to a calculator near youto partnerships with Tamagochi and the KFC console.

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