MMO Mouse by EVGA is a tip for those who don’t fancy Razer’s “MMO King”.

EVGA X15 MMO Gaming Mouse, 8k, Wired, Black, Customizable, 16,000 DPI, 5 Profiles, 20 Buttons, Ergonomic 904-W1-15BK-K3

Manufacturer EVGA has an MMO mouse on offer with the X15. Lots of buttons should make the mouse interesting for MMO players. MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann tested the gaming mouse.

MMO mice tend to be more of a niche type, mostly appealing to certain individuals who need a lot of buttons. Manufacturers such as Razer, Logitech and Corsair have now established their mouse, Razer’s Naga series is certainly the best-known representative and Razer confidently calls its Naga V2 Pro (test) the “MMO king.”

EVGA’s X15 also appeals to MMO players, offering a total of 10 buttons on the side and 2 additional buttons in the thumb area.

But how does the mouse fare in the test? I was able to test the mouse extensively and explain to you for whom the mouse is worthwhile and why it could be a real alternative to the big top dog on the market for you.

sensor Pixart 3389 optical sensor
resolution Up to 16,000 DPI
switches optical switches
Keys 15 keys
design black mouse; adjustable RGB lighting.
sliding feet 3
Cable 1.8 m, non-detachable
Weight 125 grams
Price (RRP) 79.99

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Scope of delivery, design and construction

What does the scope of delivery look like? In addition to the gaming mouse, there is also a manual in the box.

How is the mouse constructed? The model relies on a black design:

  • On the top of the mouse are the main buttons and between them the four-way scroll wheel. There are two small switches on the top in front of the mouse wheel, which you can use to switch through profiles, for example.
  • There are a total of 10 buttons arranged in a circle on the thumb side. Two of these buttons are placed a little further forward.
  • To the left of the left mouse button there are 2 additional keys marked (as 11 and 12).
  • There is another wide button to the right of the right mouse button.
  • The whole mouse is rubberized and feels quite soft, but offers a good grip in everyday life. Even if your fingers get slightly damp in everyday life, the mouse does not slip.
EVGA X15 MMO Mouse Package Contents
EVGA X15: Included with the MMO mouse.


The mouse feels well made. This is mainly due to the soft, rubberized surface. The only disadvantage: Fingerprints can be quickly recognized on the rubberized surface.

Optical switches and mechanical buttons are installed inside the mouse, which normally have a longer service life than conventional buttons.

The cable is quite rigid and cannot be detached. The 1.8 meter cable is more than long enough for this.


The EVGA X15 relies on the in-house “Unleash” software. The design is no longer up-to-date, but the software works flawlessly and is pleasantly clear. All functions are easy to set up and the software is also available in German.

With “Unleash”, EVGA dispenses with additional ballast such as self-advertising for hardware or the integration of additional software. SteelSeries, for example, gets on my nerves a lot, where free features and other bonuses are advertised. With Razer, at least many features can be optionally installed or switched off.

On top of that, EVGA doesn’t have an online account or anything like that, which I also find commendable.

Due to the small size, the software remains pleasantly slim and stays in the background. Restrained software, as I like it: It does what it’s supposed to do without aggressively pushing itself to the fore.

On the next page you can read everything about the weight, the ergonomics and the buttons of the mouse. In the final conclusion I explain for whom the mouse could be worthwhile.

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