More storage for your games: Secure 2 TB SSD for PC and PS5 now cheaper than ever before

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Grab a Corsair 2TB SSD now at the lowest price on sale and give your PC or PS5 a cheap upgrade.

With a fast SSD you can easily and effectively upgrade the storage space of your PS5 or PC. This gives you more space for your favorite games and sometimes even faster loading times. A Corsair model with 2 TB is currently on sale at the lowest price.

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2TB SSD for PS5 & PC on sale

Who doesn’t know the problem: You buy a new game and are looking forward to finally getting started, but your PC or PS5 suddenly slows you down because you don’t have enough memory available. Many modern titles take up more than 100 GB on your hard drive, so you sometimes have to think carefully about what you leave on it. A quick round with friends is often impossible because you have to reinstall the right game first.

This can be remedied by an additional SSD, which you can install and set up without much prior knowledge. Depending on the model and version, you have plenty of fresh space and can use a large games library at the same time. The Corsair Force Series MP600 Pro LPX also offers real top speeds with 7100MB/​s reading and 6800MB/s writing and thus even shortens your loading times.

Get your 2 TB SSD from Corsair now!

This is the offer: At Computeruniverse, the Corsair Force Series MP600 Pro LPX with 2 TB of storage currently only costs €169.90. The RRP is 229 euros. There is an additional €6.99 for shipping.

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This is not only the best current price, but also the lowest price ever for the model. Previously, the SSD was never on offer for less than 177 euros, currently you pay at least 184.89 euros from other providers with shipping. (Source:

Secure 2 TB SSD now

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