MSI is to discontinue the first DDR4 mainboards with the Z790 and B670

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from Andrew Link
At MSI, the swan song for DDR4 mainboards, which are offered with the Z790 and B670, is apparently starting. The stock of four models is still to be sold; after that it’s over. Apparently they want to focus on DDR5.

Intel’s current CPU generation can also be operated with DDR4, which allows users to construct the system more economically than expensive DDR5 components. But logically you need the right mainboard for this and they are threatening to become fewer. MSI will discontinue four DDR4 models with Z790 and B670. Sources in China close to MSI say that the provider wants to slowly switch to DDR5.

As soon as the inventory is sold out, nothing should move up. Specifically affected at the moment are the MPG Z790 EDGE WIFI DDR4, the PRO Z790-A WIFI DDR4, the PRO Z790-P DDR4 and the MAG B760 MORTAR DDR4. All in all, this is still a minority of the entire offer, but it is assumed that over time more mainboards will reach the end of their cycle and buyers will then have to switch to DDR5.

“MSI published surprising news this month, but the information is correct. The factory warns [Channel-Partner]that some 700 series models will be discontinued: […] the above models will be discontinued one by one while stocks last. MSI is rumored to be planning to move to DDR5.”

The supply situation in Germany is currently still good. Out of twelve mainboards listed in the PCGH price comparisonthat combine LGA1700, 700 series PCH and DDR4 are all still available. In the medium term, however, it was probably only a matter of time before DDR4 was retired. Intel itself assumes that the next time the socket is changed, the hybrid IMC will be eliminated – that would be Arrow Lake with LGA1851, which should be available from 2024.

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Source: Board Channelsvia Expreview