Naruto: How to make cool memes with GIF generator

Naruto: How to make cool memes with GIF generator

The clumsy Konoha Ninja Naruto has become one of the most popular anime over the years. If you are a big fan yourself, we have a cool idea for you on how to impress your loved ones with a suitable meme or GIF.

The GIF generator can turn your ideas into reality in no time at all. We show you what you have to consider when creating a GIF or meme.

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Naruto: GIF Generator for Funny Memes

To create a GIF, you must imgflip to use. This is a website dedicated to creating and sharing memes and GIFs.

When creating the memes and GIFs, you have the choice of whether you own pictures and videos uses or already existing ones from the database used by imgflip. You can use the drop-down menu to choose whether to create either a meme or a GIF. To do this, click make a meme or Make a GIF.

For a meme: Under Search all memes you have to enter the search term “Naruto” to get the corresponding memes to display. But you can also use your own pictures by clicking on Upload new template goes and under Upload image from your device choose an image.

Then look for this matching picture out and adds under Top text and bottom text Enter your sentence, which you can then move.

With the two colored boxes on the side you can color of the font change. Then put a tick next to Privateto download the meme. Alternatively, you can omit the check mark Generate memes click and share it with others.

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For a GIF: Used for GIF creation the button Video to GIF or Images to GIF. You can then trim the appropriate video and add a text, image, sticker or other drawing such as animation to it.

©1999 by Masashi Kishimoto/ SHUEISHA Inc.

With the time stamp the overlays are only made at certain points in the video. Motions can also be enabled where the text or additional image follows the video.

Then click on Generate GIF and you have your own Naruto-GIF created for you to download or share.

Now we’re excited: Show us your funny creations! By the way, the process works not only with “Naruto”, but also with one piece.