New MMORPG focuses on medieval times, huge battles and gliding – looks really good thanks to Unreal Engine 5

New MMORPG promises photorealistic graphics and dogfights - Shows first strong trailer

Night Crows is a new MMORPG from Korea that will be released for PC and Mobile. It will be released in Korea in April and now the developers shared new information and new gameplay with the fans at an event.

What kind of game is this? Night Crows takes place in a 13th-century fantasy world, in which knights and crusades play an important role. You can see that in the class system.

When creating your character, you always choose a human and you can choose from the classes warrior, swordsman, hunter or magician. These are later divided into two specializations each. The swordsman, for example, then has access to a large sword or two one-handed swords, while the hunter can handle a bow or two daggers.

With this character you can then explore the game world:

  • This world should be divided into different zones, but they are so huge that it should still feel like an open world.
  • You can slide and climb to discover more of the world.
  • The combat system should be action-packed. The fights take place primarily on the ground, but you should also be able to launch individual attacks from the air. The developers emphasize that “unrealistic animations” and “flashy skills” have been dispensed with.
  • PvE matters. So there should be huge bosses that you fight together with other players.
  • But the focus is on PvP, in which you can fight in large battles for fortresses with 1,000 players. Here the developers highlight the well-known “Deus Vult”. But there should also be smaller battlegrounds.
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The monetization strategy is still somewhat unclear at the moment. The publisher Wemade is increasingly relying on blockchain and NFTs, which will probably also be included in Night Crows. However, there should be concern that this does not earn enough. In the latest QnA it was only said that you can’t buy level-ups and no “power” and that the glider will be free to play.

You can see the individual classes and their gameplay in this new video:

Night Crows will be released in Korea in April, with a global release likely

What was revealed at the latest event? At the beginning, a total of 9 videos were shown. The 8 videos edited above with gameplay for the respective class specializations as well as a trailer for the story. After that there was a QnA session.

One of the developers emphasized that Night Crows should stand out from other MMORPGs primarily with the strong graphics in Unreal Engine 5, the good level experience and a “well implemented economy”. The European medieval setting is also said to play an important role, although the first trailers already show that there is a certain Korean component.

They also revealed that 110 employees are currently involved in development.

When is the game out? The release was also discussed. Night Crows is slated for release in Korea in April and pre-registration is available now. However, a Korean phone number is required.

Although the focus is currently on the release in Korea, a Chinese version is already being worked on in the background. Wemade also bought the rights for a global release.

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What do you think of Night Crows? Would this be an MMORPG that should make it to the west – especially if it dispensed with NFTs and blockchain? Or would the game rather perish here?

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