Pokémon GO: Become the best buddy quickly – this is how it works

Pokemon GO kumepl hearts

Want to make your Pokemon a “best buddy” in Pokemon GO? Here you can find out which steps you have to take to do so.

What are “best buddies”? In Pokémon GO you can always have a “buddy Pokémon” with you. This brings you various bonuses. You can reach a total of 4 friendship levels with these monsters. The “best buddy” is the highest status.

The levels are:

  • Good Buddy – Pokémon comes along on adventures, has a recognizable mood
  • Super Buddy – Pokémon gives you catching help, find gifts
  • Hyper Buddy – Finds locations and souvenirs
  • Best Buddy – Receives a WP boost and a “Best Buddy Ribbon”

In addition to the bonuses you get, you also need “best buddies” for things like the buddy medal or masterwork research with Jirachi.

How do you increase the buddy level? In order to increase your buddy level, you need to earn hearts from the Pokemon you chose as your buddy. In order to reach Best Buddy status, you need a total of 300 hearts.

However, hearts are only available for certain actions and only in a limited number per day.

Become a best buddy fast – how does that work?

How to collect hearts for buddy? There are a total of 6 actions that can bring you hearts. Normally you can reach twelve hearts per day, but there is the exception of the “excited” state. More on that below.

This is what the normal heart set looks like

Here are the basic actions that will earn you hearts:

  • “Go for a walk together”: Bring 1 heart every 2 kilometers, up to 3 times per day.
    • Attention: Only counts if your buddy is on the map. You do this by feeding your buddy well enough to make him appear on the map.
  • “Give your buddy a snack”: Always gives a heart when you have fed your buddy 3 berries to their full. Up to 3 times a day.
  • “Play together”: You have to tell your buddy about the “Play!” button. call in AR mode. There you have to pet him to earn a heart. Go once a day.
  • “Fight Together”: Fight with your buddy in Arenas, Raids, Trainer Battles or against Team Rocket. Up to three times a day.
    • Tip 1: Your buddy doesn’t have to fight himself. What matters is that he’s on the fighting team.
    • Tip 2: You can simply compete against the AI ​​team leaders. You can find them in the PvP section, at the bottom under “Training”.
  • “Take a Snapshot”: Take a picture of your buddy in AR mode. Go once a day.
  • “Visit a New Location”: Spin a new Gym or an unfamiliar PokéStop if your buddy follows you around the map.
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Double Heart Chance from Excited State: Getting your buddy in the Excited mood gives you the opportunity to collect extra hearts.

Pokemon GO excited
You can collect duplicate hearts in Excited mode

Excited mode unlocks a second set of hearts for you to earn. So you can earn up to 24 hearts a day.

How do I get my Pokemon in the Excited state? There are two ways to do this.

The simple one is the Knursp item. Feeding a Knurp to your buddy will immediately put them into Excited mode and you can earn additional hearts.

However, you rarely get the Knursp, and in the shop it costs 100 PokéCoins – as much as a raid pass.

Is “excited” also possible without Knursp? Yes, that is possible, but more complicated. You can use the same actions you use for hearts to boost your buddy Pokémon’s mood. This is based on a system in the background that is not displayed in the game.

YouTuber PokéDaxi took a closer look at this in a video (via YouTube).

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Each Buddy Action has “Emotion Points” associated with it, and it takes a total of 32 points to reach Excited status.

  • Running 2 km together earns 4 points
  • Feeding brings 2 points
  • Play brings 2 points
  • Fighting together earns 2 points. This applies to several types of fights, each of which can bring 2 points
    • arenas
    • raids
    • rocket fight
    • PvP combat
    • Team Leader Battle
  • A snapshot is worth 2 points
  • New Arena or PokéStop visited: 2 points
  • Open a buddy gift: 4 points
  • Visit a stop found by your buddy: 4 points
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Important: At the same time, the actions also have a cooldown time of 30 minutes each – except for the running task. So you can only collect points every half hour with every action.

However, if you combine these actions, you can – depending on your own gameplay – earn the “Excited” mode without using a Knursp.

As a result, it is then possible to earn more hearts and achieve “Best Buddy” status within a shorter time. If you play without Excited, but with the maximum number of hearts per day, it will take longer.

  • 12 hearts a day means 25 days to get 300
  • With a total of 24 hearts a day, best friend status would also be possible in 13 days.

Do you already have best buddies? How do you collect hearts for status? Tell us in the comments!

We show you here in the overview of the monsters in Pokémon GO, which monsters the buddy status is particularly worthwhile, which you should definitely take as buddy.