Pokémon Go: Team GO Rocket Takeover With Crypto Regice!

Pokémon Go: Let's GO Event with Shiny Meltan, Ditto, Researches and Colorful Monkeys!  (1)

While you are busy in Pokémon Go at the end of March 2023, dazzling Meltan and Shiny Ditto during the Let’s GO event catch, Team GO Rocket is already preparing for their next coup! The Team GO Rocket Takeover begins on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 10:00 (local time) and ends on March 29, 2023 at 20:00 (local time) – so taking place as a mini-event during the Let’s Go event instead of.

Rocket Grunts will then increasingly hang out at PokéStops and pursue you in their balloons, while board members Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff try to keep you from getting in the way of Team GO Rocket. Here’s what to do and what Pokémon to save, especially when it comes to Boss Giovanni Legendary!

Save Crypto Regice

Team GO Rocket boss Giovanni is freezing! He has locked the heart of the legendary Pokémon Regice and intends to use the golem’s powers to get rid of you. Gather your strongest attackers to save Regice and put Team GO Rocket to flight. Once it is known which Pokémon are the leader members of Team Rocket, ie Cliff, Sierra and Arlo and Giovanni, we will update our counter guides.

At the start of the Team GO Rocket Takeover event, a special research will be unlocked which, upon completion, will reward you with a Super Rocket Radar. With this special radar you can track down Giovanni! consider that you will NOT receive the special research, if you have an outstanding special research that you can get a Super Rocket Radar from. The special research is available until the end of the Heroes Rising season.

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