Return to Silent Hill: title, plot and main characters are known – news

Return to Silent Hill: title, plot and main characters are known - news

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Based on User Ratings on the film database IMDB comes the first feature film adaptation of Silent Hill from 2006 directed by Christopher Goose well received by fans and is still one of the better game adaptations today.

Now there was the industry magazine deadline announced that French filmmaker Christophe Gans is officially returning to the horror franchise for the upcoming franchise reboot titled Return to Silent Hill to stage. Jeremy Irvine (Treadstone) and Hannah Emily Anderson (Jigsaw) have been cast for the lead roles of James and Mary.

Return to Silent Hill is based on Konami’s popular game Silent Hill 2 from the year 2001. The screenplay was penned by Gans, Sandra Vo-Anh and William Joseph Schneider and filming is expected to begin next month in Germany and Eastern Europe. The film will be from Victor Hadida for Davis Films as well as by Molly Hasell and David Wulf produced for Hassell Free Productions. The plot should be as follows:

The film follows James who is broken by the separation from his one true love. When a mysterious letter leads him back to Silent Hill in search of her, he finds a once-known city transformed by an unknown evil. As James descends deeper and deeper into the darkness, he encounters terrifying figures that are both familiar and strange. He begins to question his own sanity as he struggles to keep his sense of reality and persevere long enough to save his lost love.

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