Shooter god shroud makes his own game, raises high expectations – “I want to create the best game ever”

Overwatch 2: Well-known Twitch streamer shows in 29 seconds why he is considered a shooter god

Twitch streamers shroud and Sacriel have announced their own game they are developing with studio Splash Damage.

Who is the person you are talking about?

  • Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is a well-known streamer and former CS:GO pro.
  • shroud is best known for his gifted aim in shooters and shows it regularly in his streams. For many shooter fans, he is therefore considered the shooter god.
  • On Twitch, shroud has 10.5 million followers and has entertained an average of 15,000 viewers over the past 6 months
  • In 2022, shroud made his comeback in esports and became a Valorant pro for the Sentinels team

What game is this going to be? On March 16, 2023, shroud announced that he was developing an open-world survival shooter with streamer Sacrirel.

In a video that shroud posted on Twitter as part of the announcement, the streamer raised high expectations: “I want to create the best game ever.”

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Twitch streamers shroud and Sacriel announce their own game in collaboration at Splash Damage

Which studio makes Shroud’s game? The two streamers will be developing their game with the Splash Damage studio.

Splash Damage has previous shooter development experience, working on games like GEARS 5 and the Halo Master Chief Collection (via

In 2023, the studio also wants to release the co-op game “Transformers: Reactivate”. Here you can see a trailer:

Transformers: Reactivate Official Announcement Trailer The Game Awards 2022

More videos

What contribution does shroud have to the development of the game? In the video on Twitter, shroud also gives an insight into what he contributes to the game. It’s all about gunplay. As examples he cites the way the gun behaves and what the recoil is like.

Finally, shroud emphasizes what will be important in the game and says: “The gunplay is very important”.

Shround and Sacriel aren’t the first streamers to announce their own game. also dr Disrespect is working on its own title, a shooter called Deaddrop, and even founded its own development studio, Midnight Society, for it.

Deadrop is supposed to be a mixture of battle royale and extraction shooter:

DrDisrespect Reveals 1st Gameplay of Its AAA Shooter – Promises “New Era of Competitive Multiplayer”

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