Silent Hill: War House and Jigsaw Actors Animate Next Movie

Silent Hill: War House and Jigsaw Actors Animate Next Movie

The two main actors for Return To Silent Hill have been cast. Filming on the next Silent Hill movie based on the second part of Silent Hill is scheduled to start next month.

An update on the movie

It will then be shot in Germany and Eastern Europe, reports deadline. Maybe with a little luck you will recognize a place. Directed by original Silent Hill director Christophe Gans.

But now to the actors. Jeremy Irvine from War House and Emily Anderson from Jigsaw star. The film follows James, who is torn apart and devastated by the end of his relationship.

“When a mysterious letter calls him back to Silent Hill in search of her, he finds a once-recognizable town transformed by an unknown evil,” Gans said in a statement.

“As James descends deeper and deeper into the darkness, he encounters terrifying figures both familiar and new to him and begins to question his own sanity.”

In the process, he will be tested on how far he is willing to go to save his lost love. According to producer Victor Hadida, the film will appeal to today’s cinema audiences and, along with the remake, will further advance the series.

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