Sun Haven on Steam: Stardew Valley clone makes an impressive start from Early Access

Sun Haven on Steam: Stardew Valley clone makes an impressive start from Early Access

from Michael Miskulin
Still not enough of Stardew Valley-style farming and life sims? Then the clone Sun Haven might come in handy, because this small indie title recently appeared on Steam and has the ability to impress the players.

Stardew Valley is still considered the genre-primus of farming and live sims, but a new clone called Sun Haven has now made an impressive debut on Steam. Like Stardew Valley, Sun Haven uses the classic Harvest Moon-style farming simulation gameplay, but with an added dose of fantasy in the form of dragons, magic, RPG progression and a final boss.

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Sun Haven recently launched as a Stardew Valley clone Steam through. The small indie title from Pixel Sprout Studios has been available as a Steam Early Access game since June 25, 2021, but the full release took place on March 11, 2023. Stardew Valley is coming to Steam users – Mixture with fantasy painting quite well. The general agreement is “very positive” with 84 percent of positive ratings given in a total of 374 user reviews. The number of simultaneous Steam users is also impressive for an indie game. In the user peaks, Sun Haven has around 6,000 simultaneous players.

What is Sun Haven about?

But what is Sun Haven actually about? At the beginning of the game, the player reaches the fantasy town of the same name. All sorts of people live here and want to see their city flourish again. The player should now help the villagers as a farmer, miner, fisherman, craftsman – but also as a warrior or even as a magician. The little town is rebuilt piece by piece and with every successfully completed quest, many experience points are hailed. In addition to Sun Haven, the main quest of the game offers the player to explore an elf village and a city full of monsters. The character can be customized in a way that is very suitable for fantasy – thanks to the seven races to choose from and countless equipment options. A complex skill tree completes Sun Haven’s fantasy RPG repertoire.

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