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March 16, 2023 – 12:15 p.m — Last updated 1 hour ago

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Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios have today rebirth published that after New Alliances and Shattered Hope (in review) third expansion for their post-apocalyptic colony builder Surviving the Aftermath (in check). The expansion is available now for the recommended retail price of 14.99 euros for PC, Xbox One and PS4. You can watch the launch trailer right below this news. Rebirth introduces terraforming, giving you the power to modify and revive the environment for your colonists. You must also protect the world from a fungal attack called Blight, which also affects humans and animals. There is also a new final victory option.

The advertised key features of Surviving the Aftermath – Rebirth are:

  • Blight: From threat to resource
    • After decades of exposure to radioactive pollution, a new contamination called Blight has emerged. A mutated fungus begins to affect animals, making them aggressive and dangerous. This infection has spread throughout the wasteland and is threatening to take over.
    • You must find a cure for the Blight to protect your colonists against it. To do this, you must collect Blight samples, examine them in a new research building, and thereby unlock new buildings, resources, and upgrades.
  • From wasteland to green pastures
    • You transform the barren land into fertile soil. With the terraformer you are able to welcome a new life: the more terraformed, the greener the area on the map becomes, with lush vegetation and animals. Terraforming areas affected by Fungal Infestation will result in Blight Monsters attacking Survivors.
  • New buildings and upgrades
    • Rebirth brings three new buildings, three building updates, and a new multi-stage Blight Laboratory with its own research tree.
    • A cleaning post allows you to remove small dirt deposits. It can be upgraded to an Extermination Post to clean corrupt nests, beehives and caves.
    • The basic terraformer turns the land into terraformed soil and can be upgraded to the ‘advanced terraformer’.
    • The Environment Station becomes the Hazardous Materials Station: this allows survivors to eliminate the plague origins and stop the creatures’ attacks.
    • While not a new building, the Sentinels have been significantly upgraded and are now more important than ever in the colony’s defenses.
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For more information on Surviving the Aftermath, Paradox, and Iceflake, visit the official website of Paradox Interactive.