The Last of Us: Season 2 relies on ‘many more infected people’ – do you like that?

There may be even worse things waiting for Joel on the show than the bloaters.

Want to see more of those nasty bloaters in Season 2?

Even before the first season of The Last of Us series ended with episode 9, it was already clear that that wasn’t all. A second season has already been confirmed. And thanks to more infected people, it should also offer more action and horror.

TLoU showrunners promise more infected

That’s what it’s about: Season 1 of The Last of Us was a huge success. So it’s hardly surprising that a second, if not even more, season is in the works. The next season should – as much as we already know – the story of TLoU Part 2 take up, albeit not in full.

But however the sequel is taken up in the series, we can look forward to “many more infected people”. That’s what showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann promised, addressing a criticism of the first season (via Eurogamer).

While we are constantly dealing with a wide variety of infected people in The Last of Us games, the first series season is stingy at this point. First and foremost, it should “emphasize the power of relationships”. It was about finding meaning in “action moments”.

In addition, it is something different to consume The Last of Us as a series or as a game. “While a lot of people enjoy watching gameplay, when we show it on TV it needs to be a little more focused and focused,” Mazin said.

The focus on the people and their relationships and conflicts will certainly remain in season 2, but with more infected people we will certainly see more action and horror. This begs the question, do we want that at all?

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Vote and tell us in the comments why you would like more, less or a proportion of infected like in Season 1. Do you perhaps see the danger that more infected and thus more action is not good for the series? Or maybe that’s your chance to make The Last of Us even better in Season 2?

The first season of the HBO series The Last of Us has now ended with nine episodes and can be viewed in Germany on WOW and Sky Q. Although the second season has been officially confirmed, it can still take many months before filming starts and the new episodes start.

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