The NFS Unbound Update Volume 2 is already being torn apart

The new Lotus Emira Balmain Edition from the Volume 2 update for NFS Unbound isn't all that new.

The new Lotus Emira Balmain Edition from the Volume 2 update for NFS Unbound isn’t all that new.

The good news first: Need for Speed ​​Unbound gets a free update. This update is called Volume 2 and brings new content to the game – that’s what the fans are waiting for. The bad news is that there is very little in this update and almost all fans were hoping for a lot more. The web is full of disappointed reactions.

This is in the Volume 2 update for Need for Speed ​​Unbound

What’s the matter? Need for Speed ​​Unbound was a really positive surprise: the announcement came shortly before release, the look and style reminded of the good old underground days. Then the game was really fun, as our GamePro review of NFS Unbound shows.

Now comes a free update! About four months after the release, Criterion and EA follow up with a first update.

  • when is it coming On March 21st.

This update Confusingly, it’s called Volume 2, but it’s just a minor content update and not a sequel or anything like that. It also doesn’t bring a new map or a story continuation, as the title might suggest.

Here you see it Volume 2 Trailer:

Need for Speed ​​Unbound - Trailer introduces Volume 2 with new content


Need for Speed ​​Unbound – Trailer introduces Volume 2 with new content

This is in it: Not too much, that’s for sure. First and foremost, two new cars are advertised, but they are actually just a custom job and a special edition of two vehicles that are already included. The second major innovation is that cops are now making life difficult for you in online multiplayer too. And that was almost it.

  • Police in online multiplayer
  • New, still secret luxury car
  • Lotus Emira Balmain Edition 2021
  • Custom Nissan Fair Lady ZG (1971) (But only with an EA Play subscription!)
  • New challenges:
    • 40 daily challenges
    • 15 new challenges
  • New events:
    • Hot Laps activities
    • 4 new long-distance events
    • 2 new Rumble playlists
    • 2 new racing playlists
    • Updates to existing playlists
  • New Rewards:
    • New driving effects
    • New poses
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Paid DLC Feature: In addition to this new content, the so-called “Key to the Map” DLC will also be released. It simply marks all collectibles and activities on the open world map, but costs 4.99 euros.

This is how NFS Unbound fans react to the meager Volume 2 update

Huge disappointment on all fronts: If you take a look at the Need for Speed ​​subreddit or the YouTube comments below the announcement trailer, you’ll see a clear picture. Most fans are very disappointed and disillusioned with what’s to come.

was that all? The basic tenor is that this update simply does not do enough. According to many fans, the only really major innovation (cops in multiplayer) should have been in the game at launch. That leaves just a few playlist updates, emotes, and two new floats that aren’t all that new and different.

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Criterion isn’t doing itself any favors with the name Volume 2 either. After all, it sounds particularly promising and extensive. This only adds to the disappointment of some fans. The linking of a car to the EA Play subscription is also criticized, as is the payment DLC for revealing the map.

Or, to paraphrase YouTube commenter Lunar 180:

What do people want? Instead of what is offered here, many would like, for example, larger lobbies for multiplayer, more story content, new cars, better payments for multiplayer activities, stronger AI, especially for the police and much more.

What else would you like and hope for in a Need for Speed ​​Unbound update? What do you think of Volume 2?