Windows 10: Microsoft support sometimes solves key activation via “crack”

Windows 10: Microsoft support sometimes solves key activation via "crack"

from Norman Wittkopf
According to a report, if the Windows activation does not work as intended, Microsoft support sometimes only knows how to help via unofficial detours.

The fact that activation with what is actually a regular key for Windows fails has certainly happened to many a Windows user who has to deal with new installations from time to time. Then a contact with Microsoft support is usually sufficient and the problem is solved with a new key, for example.

Normally, the license key for Windows 10 and Co. is activated directly via the official Microsoft server. But not only the user can obviously fail here, but also Microsoft itself, as the Twitter user @TCNOco currently reports about a rather unusual activation method.

Microsoft “cracks” Windows

After he bought an official product key for Windows 10 Pro from the Microsoft Store, he was unable to activate his system with the key and Microsoft support was initially unable to help him either. A day later, however, there was still a solution.

Support logged on to the affected Windows system using Quick Assist remote support, downloaded an unofficial activation script to the computer using Powershell, and a few commands later, Windows was able to be activated after all. However, this is not an official activation procedure, but an external third-party tool.

Why Windows doesn’t shut down completely (and that’s a good thing)

@TCNOco wrote on Twitter: “I can’t believe it. My official Microsoft Store Windows 10 Pro key could not be activated. Support couldn’t help me yesterday. Today it was increased. Official Microsoft support (not a scam) has logged in with quick assist and ran a command to activate windows. bro it’s a crack not a lie” [sic!]

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Detour via unofficial script collection

The tool is the unofficial Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) from the developer “Windowsaddict”. github. These are downloaded and executed via Powershell, but can alternatively also be downloaded from a server as a ZIP archive. The Twitter user then joined the script developer’s Discord server to ask them about Microsoft Support’s actions, and indeed this is apparently not an isolated case.

According to the developer, this is the second time someone has reported the tool being used by Microsoft Support. But this is “not official and not legal”, according to “Windowsaddict”. Apart from the apparently unauthorized use by Microsoft support, in some cases they don’t seem to have their own proven or quick means of solving activation problems with Windows.

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