WoW: More patches and more flexible reactions – Hazzikostas in an interview

In the fight against Raszageth on the Forbidden Island, Neltharion already has his iconic scar.

The upcoming patch 10.0.7 will be the second content update of WoW: Dragonflight and will not only bring us the Forbidden Island, but also a lot of other content – for example the vault of Zskera. For many players, however, the patch is just a small prologue to bridge the waiting time until 10.1. Because Ember from Neltharion then brings us a completely new zone and as much content as is usual for a large patch.

But for the Blizzard developers, 10.0.7 is more than a prologue. It allows them to no longer necessarily release content together in a patch. Instead, the devs have the freedom to cater to different groups of players individually, which they plan to increase in the future. That and many other things were the themes we talked about with WoW (buy now ) Game Director Ion Hazzikostas spoke.