WoW: Onyx base ring will be your BiS ring – interview highlights with Ion Hazzikostas

WoW: Dragonflight:

from Sebastian Glanzer
Shortly before the release of WoW Patch 10.0.7, WoW’s Game Directors Ion Hazzikostas again took part in a question and answer session with various WoW influencers and game websites. He shared more about the power of the Primeval Stones, class balance, holiday updates, and more. Here you will find the most important statements from the group interview.

In the past few days we have been with Information on WoW Patch 10.1 literally flooded. Before Embers of Neltharion appear, however, our heroes travel back to the Forbidden Island in WoW Patch 10.0.7. A few WoW websites and influencers got a chance to quiz Game Director Ion Hazzikostas on the content of patch 10.0.7 and beyond in the group interview.

The interview was mainly about the class balance, what we mean by primeval stones and the onyx base ring can expect and what secrets the Forbidden Island offers, of which there actually seem to be some.

WoW Patch 10.0.7 Interview Highlight – Secrets, Primeval Stones, Balancing & More

Primeval Stones

  • Once the onyx base ring and the primeval stones are fully upgraded, the ring should basically be relevant to all playstyles. The item level and the effects of the stones extend over several levels and should be so strong that everyone wants to upgrade them.
  • However, high-end players should replace the ring in Season 2. If it should happen that players den onyx base ring rather than using the Mythic Aberrus Rings, the developers are going to change that.
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Class Balance

  • The developers are happy with the direction that class balance is taking, with class balance being adjusted more frequently. The goal is to keep the balance and people who see themselves on the lower end of the scale and have trouble forming groups know that it’s not going to be like that all season. For people on the higher end of the scale, being the best all season isn’t good, and the devs want to adjust big outliers in the early weeks of the season. Towards the end of the season, developers tend to hold back more because it doesn’t feel good when you can’t time a key or kill a boss you’ve beaten before. The players are certainly more active in the first few weeks.
  • With patch 10.0.7, the balancing will be further tightened, but only on the numbers, because the balancing has otherwise stabilized over the course of the season.

class-race combinations

  • The developers want to make sure there is a historical reason for races to become other classes. But gameplay wise they try to create more race-class combinations after telling the story for narrative continuity.
  • It is very likely that Dracthyr will be allowed to wield weapons and cast Frostbolts in the future. (Editor’s note: they really only mean Dracthyr and not Rufer!)

    WoW: Cinematic in the game from Patch 10.0.7: Secrets of the Island (German)

Mythic Plus

  • As patch 10.1 testing progresses, there will be quite a few Adjustments for affixes give and some might be removed. Affixes are designed to make the dungeon harder. Some seasonal affixes made the dungeon easier to +10 than it would have been to +9. The developers want to give players a challenging but not frustrating task. You want to address abilities that are hard to see or impossible to counter while still keeping the dungeon challenging.

Cross faction play


  • Boxes for capture points are possible. Maybe they will come with Patch 10.0.7.
  • Nothing planned for patch 10.0.7 to lure players back into non-solo shuffle. They talk about that and how ranked PvP might develop in the future.


  • Ion Hazzikostas hints that on the forbidden island might be hiding a secret.