WoW: The Dracthyr will soon be able to choose new classes, including warriors and magicians

WoW: The Dracthyr will soon be able to choose new classes, including warriors and magicians

Things are about to change for the newest race in World of Warcraft. At least that’s what the game director Ion Hazzikostas promises.

The Dracthyr are a special race in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. They are the only species that can become “Callers” and it is also the only class that a Dracthyr can choose. Every Dracthyr is a Caller and every Caller is a Dracthyr.

However, that could change. Because the game director indicates that Dracthyr will probably be able to choose other classes in the future.

Where does the info come from? In a group interview with wowhead and some WoW content creators, many questions could be asked of the game director Ion Hazzikostas. Although the main focus was on the upcoming 10.0.7 patch, other questions were also asked. wow head has published a summary of the interview and it was probably also about the question of whether Dracthyr would remain only callers forever. Hazzikostas said:

There is a high chance that Dracthyr will end up wielding weapons and being able to cast Frostbolts.

Even though “Frostbolts” clearly alludes to mages, Hazzikostas probably wanted to express that Dracthyr will be able to choose significantly more classes in the future. In the past, Blizzard’s “high chance” almost always meant that the feature was already in the pipeline.

On the other hand, that seems unlikely. The Caller talent tree is closely intertwined with the Dracthyr – and given the Dragon abilities, that would probably make little sense for other races either.

What else was said? Also in the interview, Hazzikostas mentioned that they want to make more class-race combos available and add them over time. You want to create as much variety as possible, but always make sure that the story also offers a logical reason why a certain people can now choose a corresponding class.

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That is only logical, after all, many peoples have a long history and corresponding career. So Warlocks would be difficult to justify for Lightforged Draenei. There are also some other races with similar limitations, which then need a story reason first.

when is this coming It is not yet clear when Dracthyr will also be able to choose other classes. So far, at least, there’s nothing to suggest that that might already be the case in patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion – so the earliest date for this would be patch 10.1.5, which will be released later in the summer. However, Hazzikostas could also have meant that new classes for Dracthyr will only be playable in the next expansion or even later.

But it seems clear that this is coming – and at some point significantly more Dracthyr will slide through Azeroth.