Xbox: Microsoft is already working on a new console

Xbox: Microsoft reportedly loses up to $200 on every console sold

Not too long ago, the Xbox Series X|S was a brand new next-gen console from Microsoft. But we already know that the Windows group never tires of working on a new console.

A new document confirms this by talking about the next Xbox. However, important details are not mentioned.

Document revealed: Microsoft’s new Xbox is coming

In which document it’s another revealed as part of Microsoft’s acquisition of game developer and publisher Activision Blizzard. For months now, the planned deal between the two companies, the latter of which is behind popular games like World of WarcraftDiablo or also Call of Duty stands, new details come to light.

Then Sony isn’t entirely comfortable with the multi-billion dollar endeavor sympathetic and meanwhile leaves it from various antitrust authorities such as the European Commission and the US Federal Trade Commission FTC. This recently requested information about Microsoft’s “Next Generation Gaming Ecosystem”, i.e. a new Xbox.

As a result, a document released to the public by the FTC confirms that Microsoft is already working on a fresh console. However, we are not told what the name of the new Xbox should be – the specific name of the project has been removed from the visible content. And unfortunately we don’t get any further details either, be it the release date or any technical specifications of the new Xbox.

Part of the “forward-looking strategy”

The document only states that the new Xbox is part of the “forward-looking strategy for the console, subscription and cloud gaming business”. As a result, we can assume that it could be quite a while before Microsoft comes out with more detailed material. However, there is plenty of speculation about a new Xbox.

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Starting with the release date, which should be years away considering past console releases, to the technology that the new Xbox could boast. Incidentally, this is similar for Sony. A first indication of the release of the PlayStation 6 nevertheless appeared in the course of the dispute between Microsoft and the Japanese technology manufacturer.