65 inch Samsung 4K Neo QLED TV with HDMI 2.1 at a great price: perfect for your PS5!

65 inch Samsung 4K Neo QLED TV with HDMI 2.1 at a great price: perfect for your PS5!

Anyone who loves gaming and films cannot avoid this offer. The Samsung QN85B with 65 inch 4K Neo QLED display is now on offer at MediaMarkt.

Are you a passionate gamer and want to experience your games with the best graphics and without stuttering? Then we have a great deal for you: MediaMarkt now has the Samsung QN85B with a 65-inch 4K Neo QLED display at a great price. This TV is a gaming monster, bringing your games to the massive screen in 4K resolution and high frame rate. But films and series are also really fun on the Samsung QN85B, because it shows you every detail in light and dark scenes and lets you feel the sound. This is home cinema at its finest! This Samsung TV is currently available from MediaMarkt and Saturn for only 1249 euros. This saves you 45 percent compared to the RRP of €2299.

Secure the SAMSUNG GQ65QN85B now at a bargain price

The perfect partner for your PS5

The Samsung QN85B shows you games with up to 120 frames per second in 4K resolution. This ensures smooth movements and sharper details. It also has Quantum HDR 1500 that dynamically adjusts brightness and contrast. This allows you to see more detail in light and dark areas and more colors in your games.

The Samsung QN85B also supports VRR and ALLM, two features that make your gaming experience even smoother. VRR matches the TV’s refresh rate to that of the game to eliminate stuttering and tearing. ALLM automatically switches the TV to gaming mode when you start a game to reduce input lag and improve response time.

But the Samsung QN85B isn’t just for gaming. It is also a great TV for movies and series. It has a Neo Quantum 4K processor that optimizes the image using artificial intelligence. It shows you every detail in every scene with high sharpness and clarity.

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And what about the sound? The Samsung QN85B has Dolby Atmos, which offers you a multidimensional sound experience. It has top channel speakers that reflect the sound upwards, creating a spacious atmosphere. You hear the sound not only from the front or from behind, but also from above or below.

With the Samsung QN85B you have a television that offers you everything you need for your PS5: impressive picture quality, high performance and great sound. If you are looking for a new TV for your PS5, then the Samsung QN85B is for you!

Secure the SAMSUNG GQ65QN85B now at a bargain price

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