A Steam Deck with an OLED screen? That’s not very likely at the moment

A Steam Deck with an OLED screen?  That's not very likely at the moment

Would you be interested in an OLED model of the Steam Deck?

In that case, unfortunately, there is bad news, because it doesn’t look like such a model will appear any time soon.

No small effort

That’s what Steam deck designer Pierre-Loup Griffais says in an interview PC gamers and also gives the reason for it.

“The screen is the heart of the device,” he says. It would be a lot more work than just replacing the screen.

That’s because all of the components are built and tuned all around to fit into a device of this size.

At the same time, he does not completely rule out a possible OLED model in the future: “We are looking at all the possibilities.”

At the end of February, the Steam Deck celebrated its very first birthday.


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