Ariel the Little Mermaid – Fans are bothered by Ariel’s hair color in the new trailer

Ariel the Mermaid_Screenshot

Disney is currently working on a live-action adaptation of the cult classic Arielle the mermaid. In the film adaptation hatches Hall Bailey in the role of Ariel, which not everyone liked.

There was already in advance racist hate comments, as many disagreed with Arielle’s dark skin tone. There is now another detail in the new trailer that bothers even more fans than before.

Ariel doesn’t have the original hair color

The new trailer shows some excerpts from the film. Prince Eric falls into the sea and is rescued by Arielle. Since then she longs to become a human being and seeks help from the witch Ursula.

This actually transforms Arielle into a human. But to be able to breathe on land and have two legs, she pays a high price…

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What bothers fans? In the comments, many fans are not even bothered by the color of their skin, but by Ariel’s hair. She had fiery red hair in the cartoon, but the hair looks much paler in the trailer.

Also the fact that Arielle is not blue but Brown eyes has met with resentment from some. They therefore want to stick with the original Disney film and will therefore not watch the live-action adaptation.

stand up to criticism many positive voices who are still looking forward to the film. Although there are a few points here and there that bother some, many fans can’t wait for the release of the movie.

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So it remains to be seen whether the criticism beforehand will damage the film or whether the cinema film will still be well attended.


When will Ariel be in cinemas? “Ariel the Mermaid”. on May 25, 2023 come to German cinemas. The original is from Disney in the year 1989 appeared and even got a sequel.