ARK: Crossplay on PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and Mobile – All the info

ARK: Crossplay on PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and Mobile - All the info

The dino adventure ARK: Survival Evolved does not feature true crossplay. Only Xbox and PC can play together under certain circumstances. What is possible, we show you on MeinMMO.

If you want to spontaneously play with different platforms in ARK, then you need luck. Only a few platforms can be connected to each other and the version is also important.

  • In general, if you want to be on the safe side, plan on the same platform from the start.

The following platforms can play together:

  • cross platform
    • PS4 – PS5
    • Xbox One—Xbox Series
    • PC/Steam – PC/Epic (dedicated servers)
    • iOS-Android
    • Switch – Cross-platform is not supported
  • cross play
    • Xbox – PC (Xbox Game Pass)

ARK offers very limited crossplay opportunities. You can only play with friends on the Xbox consoles with the Xbox version from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass. Even connecting Steam and Epic has certain requirements.

Below you will find more information about the individual connections. You can find a trailer for the survival adventure here:

ARK: Survival Evolved Launch Trailer

More videos

ARK: Cross-Platform

PS4 – PS5: Within the PlayStation cosmos, playing ARK together is not a problem. Let yourself be invited via the friends list or join your fellow players’ server manually via the server list.

Xbox One – Xbox Series: The two console generations from Microsoft also do not put any obstacles in your way. Use friends or server list to join.

PC/Steam – PC/Epic (dedicated servers): When mixing Steam and Epic you need your own server. Your private in-game servers and the public servers do not allow you to play together.

There are different providers of private servers. Before choosing one, be sure to check if the provider supports Epic and Steam playing together. This is a special server setting that is not always available.

iOS-Android: The mobile versions share the server list. You can take part in public games together, but you can also rent private servers from hosting providers.

Does ARK on the Switch have crossplay? No, this version is separate from all other versions.

ARK: Survival Evolved: Private Servers or Official? – Those are the benefits

ARC: Crossplay

How does crossplay with Xbox and PC work? ARK only offers crossplay between PC and Xbox with the “Windows 10 version”. So you absolutely need this version on the PC – which, by the way, is part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC. On Xbox, this is just the normal version.

If you bought ARK on Steam or Epic, you cannot play with your Xbox friends.

If your whole squad has the correct version, you can join your fellow players via the server or friends list.

ARK still inspires many thousands of players 8 years after its release. The survival hit offers an overwhelming amount of content, a large community and can inspire many hundreds of hours.

However, the era of ARK 1 may soon be coming to an end. The developers are working hard on a successor that could be released this year: ARK 2: Release, Trailer, Gameplay – What we know so far.

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