Bend sand and crush your enemies with it in a new co-op game on Steam

Bend sand and crush your enemies with it in a new co-op game on Steam

Atlas Fallen is an action RPG from German developer studio Deck 13 in which you use sand to fight against mystical creatures.

What kind of game is this? Atlas Fallen (PC/ Console) is an action RPG from the German developer studio Deck 13. The game focuses on cooperative gameplay and was presented at the gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live.

Even then, in the Reveal trailer, you could see a man and a woman fighting mystical-looking creatures – first against two fairly small bosses, then against a huge boss.

In addition, the Atlas Fallen reveal trailer showed us impressive graphics and the special trick of the game: taming sand. The two combatants fashioned their weapons from the desert sands at their feet and charged into battle with superhuman abilities.

What do we know about the release? Atlas Fallen is scheduled to be released on May 16, 2023. The action RPG will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, for example via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

  • Here you get to Atlas Fallen Steam:

New trailer shows first gameplay

What is this trailer? On March 15th, a new trailer of Atlas Fallen appeared on YouTube. In just under 1.5 minutes we see various excerpts from the game world of the action RPG.

We also see the movement and movement speed of the game. It’s as if you can slide on the sands of the desert landscape – as if your shoes were a snowboard or skis, with which you blast over the dunes.

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We also see very vertical movement. The character appears to be standing in mid-air while performing his attacks.

For the attacks themselves, the character shown in the trailer uses the ability of sandbending. For example, he forms a huge battle ax out of sand (minute 00:59).

Check out the new Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer here:

Atlas Fallen – Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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“Looks like what Forspoken could have been”

What are the reactions? On YouTube there are some comments under the trailer that rate Atlas Fallen and the new trailer positively. However, some comments would have wished for more actual gameplay due to the name “Gameplay Reveal Trailer”.

  • Tobi k: “I expected more than 15 seconds or 20% actual gameplay from a gameplay trailer.
    • Caprise – Music: “All I know is that I see more than enough to know that I want to play this game. Beautiful game. In-game graphics throughout trailer.”
  • Brandon Cooper: “Looks like what Forspoken could have been if Square Enix cared enough to postpone it. I love the cool combat, the method of locomotion and the awe-inspiring landscapes/environments. I want to see more gameplay […].”
  • Elden Lean: “Looks pretty good, lively and pretty, I like the environments too. I might not buy it on day one, but I’m looking forward to it.”
  • What BG: “[…] It’s one of the games I look forward to the most. […] I’m sure this game will be good.”

Accordingly, the conclusion of the YouTube comments is that Atlas Fallen looks good enough to arouse curiosity, but shows too little to generate real hype. A detailed gameplay trailer is bound to sway player expectations one way or the other.

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