Destiny 2: Too Hard? Too easy? Root of Nightmares stirs tempers

Destiny 2: Watch the World First Race, dust off emblems!  (1)

The makers of the MMO shooter Destiny 2 don’t have it that easy when it comes to the biggest challenges in the game. Raids are typically considered to be the premier class of Warden activity. Each raid released to date features unique puzzles, stages and ultimately bosses to master by working closely together with six players. Raid difficulty varies by activity, but most require good communication, coordination, and strategy to complete successfully. Anyone who actively participates in Destiny 2’s raids might think of the Garden of Redemption or the Deep Stone Crypt – there’s a lot to talk and agree on, and nobody can hide behind another player.

After we have marked these limits, the new lightfall raid root of nightmares was added on March 10, 2023. As part of the World First Race, which started at 6 p.m. our time, it took less than three hours for the raid boss to resign live for the first time. On March 10, 2023 at 10:21 p.m. GMT, Bungie confirmed the first kill of Team Hard in the Paint; the members Roen, Osiris, Punz, Kai SK and Grangalf can then adorn themselves with the winner’s belt. In the Interview let the players see through, that in past raids they were always short of winning the race, but in the end they were always missing a few minutes. It was different this time. Congratulations, of course, to Team Hard in the Paint.

Root of Nightmares: Mega popular in the World First Race

In general, the new raid was very well attended. Bungie reports that more than half a million players entered the raid during the 48-hour Challenge Mode period, and there were nearly 85 million Guardian deaths overall. The first two areas could be cleared by more than 300,000 players, after that the numbers decreased a bit.

In total, more than 190,000 players have completed the entire raid. And that with the challenge modifier active, which caused the Warden’s power level to be capped at 1780 and the enemies to be 20 levels above the players! While the challenge was still active, people played the first phase Cataclysm in threes and one Guardian even completed Scission solo! What does that say about the difficulty of Root of Nightmares?

Root of Nightmares: Too Easy?

Players who do some things in Destiny 2 (buy now €12.90 ) have on it because they regularly face the most difficult activities and challenges, root of the nightmares as a beginner raid. “What happened here?” also asks Datto in the video where “Elitist Datto” shares his opinion on the raid. Datto is a popular content creator in the Destiny 2 community, whose expertise lies primarily in tactics for difficult D2 content. Including raids.

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And while it’s laudable that the raid is beginner-friendly, most die-hard fans lacked the challenge. “Why is the Legendary version of the Exotic Mission harder than Contest Mode Raiding? Why is the Legendary version of Mars Battlegrounds more terrifying than Contest Mode Raiding?” And why was the contest mode so un…challenging in itself?

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