Destiny 2 Whimsical Weapon Makes Guardians’ Eyes Light Up – “Looks Weird, But Dig In”

Destiny 2 Whimsical Weapon Makes Guardians' Eyes Light Up - "Looks Weird, But Dig In"

A new and rather whimsical “Tentacle Cannon” is currently gaining traction in Destiny 2 as the best legendary rapid-fire weapon in its class. Two streamers have tested it extensively and found that it is fun and also has surprisingly strong properties. MeinMMO introduces them to you in more detail and tells you which Rolls you should craft now.

What weapon are players excited about in Destiny 2 right now? At first it was only the unusual tentacle look of the bizarre pistol “Mykel’s Awe” that caused a stir. It wasn’t thought to compete at all with the other primary weapon options, so it wasn’t given much priority.

But after the first weapon tests in PvE and PvP, it suddenly became clear that this pistol is not only visually special. The new legendary weapon has already made the eyes of two well-known Destiny 2 content creators shine bright and special True Vanguard gushed.

  • In its video, for example, True Vanguard states that the 450 strand ratchet is “the best rapid-fire cased pistol Destiny 2 has ever had”.
  • On the other hand, ZK Mushroom, a veteran PvP player, also didn’t expect how much fun he would have with this pistol in the Crucible. Even if their originality is of little use there.

Reason enough to recommend the ratchet and show you its advantages. All you need for the perfect PvP and PvE version of this gun is its blueprint because it is craftable.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Trailer for new weapons and equipment

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First unpopular now best-in-slot: Not so long ago, pistols in Destiny 2 weren’t that popular with players. However, that has changed more and more and in Season 19 some pistols were suddenly in great demand.

The reasons are obvious:

  • The small but mighty killers often have a forgiving recoil pattern and solid damage output.
  • With the introduction of the fully automatic that can be activated via the Destiny 2 settings, pistols were also pushed.
  • In addition, Bungie gave some pistols strong perks in the Witch Queen year, such as “Volt Shot” on “Law of the Robber” or “Desperado” on “Guard the Threshold”.

“Mykel’s Awe” has also benefited from this. And the fact that under her “hood” lies an old gem – the Seventh Seraph SI-2 from Season 10.

Mykel’s Awe is the best Rapid Fire Pistol in Season 20

Weapon stats are almost always best in class

What makes the weapon so special? As a String Pistol in the Kinetics slot, Mykel’s Reverence has unique perks that perfectly match Lightfall’s new subclass. The Hatchling perk empowers the Sproutweaver Warlock. But the other two classes, Titan and Jäger, can also benefit from this.

Weapon type: Craftable pistol with a 450 rate of fire
Element: strand (kinetic slot)
Frame: Rapid-fire case, so fully automatic
Original property: Equipping multiple weapons from this set grants this weapon increased reload speed and handling. She also deals increased damage against Tormentors, Radiant Host, and Wardens who use her Super.

True Vanguard also highlights the high base stability of this pistol, which no other weapon can offer you. Both “Fiorituria-59” as well as “Closing Time” and “Robber’s Law” are only at a base stability of 63. “Mykel’s Reverence” is at 67.

There are also other best-in-class values ​​for the weapon:

  • “Mykel’s Reverence” has the best Aim Assist value in its class at 61.
  • The recoil direction of 96 is also top of its archetype.
    • The only rapid-fire weapon that ever had better recoil was the Dead Man Walking pistol from the Black Armory DLC.
  • Even at 47 reload speed, it’s way ahead of other pistols.

TrueVanguard shows how well this works in its video:

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For TrueVanguard, “Awe of Mykel” is simply the best

With these properties and perks you get the most out of it. Ideally crafted via the Enclave on Mars with the Improved Perks that give you more benefits.

Mykel’s Reverence Godroll for PvE:

  • run: Hammer-forged twist
  • Magazine: Wide Mouth Magazine Shaft or Alloy Magazine
  • Perk Advantage 1: “Threshing”
  • Perk Advantage 2: “Warrior” or “Elemental Coupler”
  • masterpiece: reload speed

Mykel’s Reverence Godroll for PvP:

  • run: Hammer-forged twist
  • Magazine: impact bullets
  • Perk Advantage 1: Perpetual motion machine”
  • Perk Advantage 2: warhorse”, Tip” or Hatchling” when playing a String build
  • masterpiece: Range

How to get the blueprint of the weapon: First of all, you have to earn the weapon in the new raid “Root of Nightmares”. It drops you there both in the 2nd encounter Cleavage” as well as in the 3rd encounter macrocosm”.

Once the weapon has been unlocked for the first time in your collection, it can also drop from the two hidden chests in the Root of Nightmares raid. In addition, you also have the option at the end of the raid to interact with the scythe of the final boss Nezarek and to focus the weapon on the conquest booty, which you also receive from runs from the raids.

Once you’ve obtained 5 deep vision versions of the red-framed weapon, you can sculpt them to your liking in the Enclave on Mars. To make this go faster, the raid is guaranteed to offer you a deep vision weapon once a week.

Ultimate Weapon Crafting Guide – How to craft your own weapons in Destiny 2

So where most pistols in Destiny 2 tend to be sneered at, Mykel’s Awe comes around the corner and gets the job done. This is already fun in PvE, but even more so in PvP because you always have maximum stability for the entire duration of each fight.

Is this pistol also a real insider tip for you or is it overrated? What is your favorite thing about guns? Tell our readers in the comments.

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