Destiny 2: Zavala Voice Actor Has Died – A Legend Gone Too Soon

Destiny 2: Zavala Voice Actor Has Died - A Legend Gone Too Soon

The Destiny 2: Community has just received the sad news that Lance Reddick, the voice of Commander Zavala, has died unexpectedly at the age of 60. Guardians from all over the world show their sympathy in-game as a tribute to a great actor.

As the magazine tmz reported this afternoon, March 17, 2023, Lance Reddick has died at the age of just 60. Although his cause of death is unknown, it is said that it was likely a natural death. A legend is gone far too soon.

Who was Lance Reddick? In Destiny 2, Lance Reddick was known as the voice actor for Titan boss Zavala for 9 years. So he’s been speaking every voiceline of the Zavala since 2014.

In addition, his voice could also be heard in other video games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Vox Machina, Paradise PD or Quantum Break.

He also played the smart doorman Charon alongside Keanu Reeves in the “John Wick” films and was always allowed to look after the dog there. But he is also known from various series such as “The Wire” or the sci-fi series “The Fringe”.

During his tenure at Bungie, Reddick also enjoyed interacting regularly with Destiny fans on his personal Twitter account. He is well remembered by many keepers because of his charming, easy-going manner and the little jokes.

Actor Berates Space Turtles, Makes Destiny 2 Fans Happy

So he’s held a special place in the hearts of Guardians for a long time, making his early death all the more tragic, touching millions of Guardians right now.

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Mainly because Lance Reddick saw himself as a regular Guardian like he once did in an interview with Polygon revealed, “At the end of the day, I’m just a huge fan who also happens to voice one of the characters.”

The Guardians in Destiny have always appreciated the fact that a famous actor and voice actor loves Destiny and shared that love with them.

Guardians from all over the world show their condolences

Here’s how the Guardians show their respect: Many members of the Destiny community have expressed their condolences to Lance Reddick’s family.

And those currently logging into the game can see many Guardians kneeling before Commander Zavala in memory of the late actor, or rallying around him with dignified emotes.

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Guardians pay tribute to Lance Reddick on the tower, kneeling before Commander Zavala
  • Guillaume Colomb, Narrative Director for Bungie at Imagendary Studios tweeted, “I’ve had the honor of working with Lance Reddick on Destiny 2 for many years. I even met him in person once and he was the nicest person you could imagine. He was so thoughtful about his work with Zavala. Such a loss.”

The player Robert Young also writes from the heart of the Guardians:

I know most people know Lance Reddick from TV and movies, but for us Destiny 2 players, he was the voice of Commander Zavala that inspired us Guardians for the last decade. Ever since we heard the news, people have gathered in silence at his location in the tower.

tweeted Robert Young

We share the great loss with you and also send condolences to Lance Reddick’s family.

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What special situation do you remember with Lance Reddick or Commander Zavala? Please leave us a comment and share with the community in honor of a special Guardian.