Diablo 4: The most well-known German journalist on Diablo prefers to let others fight for you – that’s how he gambles the beta

Diablo 4: The most well-known German journalist on Diablo prefers to let others fight for you - that's how he gambles the beta

The beta of Diablo 4 starts today. MeinMMO accompanies the start live, but our colleagues are also there – including Maurice Weber from GameStar. You can watch the most famous Diablo journalist in Germany on Twitch as he slaughters his opponents. We spoke to him.

Who is the journalist? Our colleague Maurice Weber started out as an editor at GameStar and is now a Twitch streamer with his own channel. He’s made a name for himself among strategy enthusiasts over his years at GameStar.

Maurice is known for his easy-going nature and love for Diablo. He is considered by many in Germany to be one of the greatest experts on the Diablo series and in particular on everything that concerns his favorite class: the Necromancer.

Together with 3 other players, Maurice will be live streaming today at 4 p.m. for the start of the Diablo 4 beta, before starting at 5 p.m. You can Maurice on our shared channel Monsters And Explosions on Twitch watch or on his own channel:

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Maurice is streaming his favorite class from a Tokyo coffee shop

How Maurice plays the beta: In a short conversation with Maurice, he told us what he expects from the beta and how he will approach the game. Here are a few tips on how best to slice your way through enemies:

I’m a lazy bastard, so I WOULD play Necromancer and let my minions do all the work… but Blizzard meanwhile won’t allow me to. That’s why in the press beta I settled on the next best thing: Lightning Sorceress with as many static charges as possible!

Zapping away all enemies in the area without having to do much, that was exactly to my liking! The best builds are the ones that have so much going on on screen that the enemy doesn’t even know what’s happening to them. At the start of the beta, I’m also very excited about the huntress – I couldn’t play it myself in the short press beta.

Maurice Weber

We also asked Maurice for his expert opinion on the topic of the best class. We’ve tried to answer before which is the best class in Diablo 4 for you.

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Maurice has a very clear opinion here:

The best RPG class of all time has always been the Diablo Necromancer. And as everyone knows, it’s thanks to me alone that he’s returning in Diablo 4! It was me who told the game’s chief developer to his face at the Blizzcon reveal that he can’t bring the Necromancer again with a shoddy DLC like in part 3!

And how does Blizzard thank me for my selfless advice? They’re not bringing the necromancer until the second weekend… when I’m on vacation. At the other end of the world. In Tokyo. BUT I won’t let that stop me! The wonderful people at Japan Tourist Board actually got me a streaming seat at a Japanese esports cafe! So I WILL stream Necromancer! Cost what it may!

Maurice Weber

By the way, you can directly after the beta on twitch Listen to expert JessiRocks, podcast boss Michael Graf from GameStar and MeinMMO editor-in-chief Leya Jankwoski as they sum up the first weekend.

If you want to continue following the start of the beta, you can find everything about it in our live ticker on MeinMMO:

Diablo 4 starts the beta in a few hours – all news in the live ticker