Diablo 4’s most controversial feature is the best that can happen to the game

Diablo 4's most controversial feature is the best that can happen to the game

Diablo 4 is said to have more MMO elements than most of its predecessors. This raised eyebrows among fans of the series, especially in view of the controversial Diablo Immortal. But MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus says: One of these MMO features is just right for Diablo 4.

What is this feature? It’s about the shared world. Diablo 4 should get more MMO elements, including an open world that you always share with other players. You cannot play offline and only to a limited extent solo.

Whenever you are in open areas, you can encounter other players. This is even necessary for some content, such as the big world bosses from Diablo 4. These can only be defeated by groups.

However, the shared world is something that has been viewed critically in the community for some time. Especially fans of the first hour wish that they can please play Diablo completely alone.

I say: A shared world is what Diablo 4 desperately needs. Actually even bigger than it is currently planned. This is the only way the game can be successful.

Diablo 4 uses the best features from the previous parts and continues the story. This is the current status of the game:

Diablo 4 takes the best features from its predecessors – This is how it looks so far

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Diablo is dead – Long live Diablo

In the early days of Diablo, most players played solo, especially when co-op play on Battle.net was mediocre at best. In addition, there was always the danger that someone would snatch the good loot.

But that’s all in the past. Something like that can no longer happen today. Loot is personalized in Diablo 4 and the connection is much more stable. So there are only rarely unwanted effects that dragged the quality down significantly at the time.

Playing games like Diablo entirely solo is simply outdated. But by that I don’t mean that I don’t begrudge the solo community any more games. I still gamble a lot of things by myself.

But the future of action RPGs definitely lies in multiplayer. Diablo 4 needs an MMO feature that enlivens the world with other players if it is to survive. And it has to survive, because otherwise the whole genre will have a big problem:

What Diablo IV means for the fate of all hack’n’slays

There are even two very recent examples showing how well an ARPG works as an MMO. Lost Ark has enjoyed tremendous popularity and is still going strong on Steam. Despite much criticism from the community, Diablo Immortal was a huge success.

That’s exactly what Blizzard obviously learned from. I said last year that I want Diablo 4 to be like Diablo Immortal. And it now takes exactly these features that the game needs.

Incidentally, Diablo 4 will only get some features later, including runes and sets. In the video we show you what you otherwise didn’t know about the game:

Diablo 4 is getting an important feature later – 5 things you didn’t know

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The shared world is not as bad as you all think

Especially when Diablo 4 announced its MMO features, there were doubts in the community. Threads that demonized this decision kept popping up on reddit and Co. That has settled down a bit today.

In fact, the feature is not as bad as it is often portrayed. You should only be able to see other players “occasionally” in the open world, with world bosses there are a few more. You can only enter dungeons with a group or alone.

For me it could have been a lot more, like in Diablo Immortal. But the number makes sense, because there aren’t that many people in Diablo 4 anymore. Some angel wiped out 90% of it before.

The shared world and especially the social hub in Westmark made me interact more actively with people and get more interested in the game in Diablo Immortal. In Diablo 3, there was a lack of incentive relatively quickly if you didn’t just want to grind.

The approach of a multiplayer service game is exactly what Diablo 4 needs. If the coverage with new content is even better than it was with Diablo 3, I see the future quite positively.


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